Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Haunt ...

And then Spring and I went over to Courtney's house.  OH. MY.  It is a little like a store because there is so much stuff everywhere you might be tempted to lift up one of the cute items to look for the price tag!!!  (I can say that because even Courtney thinks so.)  But this girl knows how to decorate!  She is her own version of Martha Stewart for sure.  It was a Halloween fiesta to enjoy!

Back in December I wrote a post called The Day after Christmas where I talked about how my family has the tradition of going out to the after Christmas sales ALL DAY LONG.  We have a blast and the bags just keep piling up the car until there is literally no room and we have to make a pit stop to unload before we hit the road and head onto the next "stop."  (We have a list of favorite places we like to go.)

This Halloween season has resembled our after Christmas shopping quite a bit.  My sisters and I all had a really fun time when we went to the witches night at Secret Haven a few weeks back.  On our way home from that we stopped at a Target close by to see if they had their Halloween stuff out yet ... which they did.  It was such cute stuff (the glitter skeletons are all the rage this year) and everything was so cheap we were snatching it up, and they hadn't even gotten it all out yet!

After that we went to the WalMart in the next shopping center because our sister, Leslie, had said she had found the cutest Halloween candy.  That particular WalMart didn't have it out yet.  So, because we were about 40 miles north of where I live, our little minds started to race and we thought about all of the locations of WalMarts between where we were and home so that we could hit as many as possible in case they had their's out.  (It is a sickness I tell you, a sickness ... that hunt for holiday decor.)  We ate dinner at Chili's and then stopped by a couple of Robert's Craft stores on the way home as well.

Spring offered to come up to my house the next day to help me in the clearing out process of my basement.  We loaded my car full of items to take to the thrift store and since we were out - we found another WalMart we hadn't been to, stopped into Hobby Lobby, two TJ Maxx stores and talked about going up to the Home Goods store because I had heard that they had mercury glass pumpkins and we wanted to check them out .... (do you see what I mean?  A sickness, and as I like to tell my friend Vicki when we are out together and she is finding lots of things she loves, I ask her, "For what?"  And sometimes that is what my sisters and I ask each other as we are holding little this's and that's in our hands to just add to the abundance we already have.  We say, "For what?"  And then Courtney is usually the first to shrug her shoulders, smile coyly and say, "I dunno.  But I love it.")

And even though Courtney thinks she has way too much Halloween stuff, she still can pass a little counter space and think, Hmm.  I need to find a little something to put there.  And she says it makes her happy and she loves seeing it all.  And that's a good thing.  When the little things around us can make us happy and put a smile in our day.

Here are some of the things that put the ha-ha-happy in Courtie's Halloween!


  1. OMGosh...another adorable sister...and more darling Halloween stuff! Such cute Halloween candies. And I love the way you photograph it all!!! Perfection! =D

    I WANT TO SHOP WITH YOU GUYS....I need a sister!!!!

  2. I am dying! I love it all! LOVE IT! And I'm a tad jealous. haha

  3. oh wow, i wish i had the time and skills to do all of this. That is pretty amazing!

  4. Wow...she does like to decorate! Love those white pumpkins! My home is pretty sad when it comes to Halloween!

    Weekend hugs to you.

  5. Oh my 4 year old would love all the Halloween decorations! Beautiful job!