Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day #6.

Landscape is in ... furniture on it's way in ...

 And then I saw him.   Is that?   I think it is.

YAY!   It is Michael Moloney!   I LOVE him!

So I watched him for a little while.  And it was really, really cool.

The big reveal is later today ... I am going to go.  It would be way cool to see Ty too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day #4.

When I talked with Todd from Holmes Homes on Thursday,  he told me a little bit about the family they are building this home for.  It is for a single mom with a couple of kids who currently live with her parents.  Her seven year old little boy, Jonah, has sickle cell anemia.  Todd said that they won't have a mortgage but to help the family out even further, they are building a little guest house next to the main house.  She could either rent that out, or live in it and rent out the main house to help with her expenses.

My daughter McCall was watching the Gold Cup Soccer game (from the Rose Bowl) last Saturday and said that Jonah was there as the honorary ball boy ... I am guessing Extreme Home Makeover just might have had something to do with that.   ;)

Sunday afternoon, my girls and I decided to take another drive out to Daybreak to check on the progress.  We picked up Wendi again and headed on down to the building site.  It was amazing how different that whole scene was since Thursday.  Tons more barricades had been set up, security guards all around, trailers all over the place, the big Sears tent was up, the Kraft food service trailer was parked (gotta love that) and there were tons more spectators.

Wendi and I were standing watching the workers at the main house and noticed this guy:

Hmmm.  Looks like a construction calendar boy to me ...

Then Wendi said, "Don't you remember that commercial where the construction worker took off his shirt for the diet coke?"  Where's a diet coke when you need one.

Then we weren't sure if maybe he actually started posing  ... what do you think?

(We were busting up.)  And then we headed back to the car.

As we were loading up though, Wendi ran into a neighbor who was one of the volunteer heads.  She told us that they were filming for the show under the Sears tent and that if we walked through the church parking lot (where all of the TV show trailers were) we would probably be able to get close enough to see what's going on.

Sooooo, we may or may not have noticed the sign that said Production Crew Only ... but we went ahead and tried to act like we belonged there.  I walked up to a group of really attractive people standing beside the tent and asked if it would be okay to take a few pictures.  They looked at each other, looked at me, looked at each other again - I guess waiting for someone else to say something.  And then one cute, tiny gal said, "I guess you can since you have that zoom lens."

Sweet.  I walked right up to where I knew darn well that I wasn't supposed to be and snapped a few pics.  And when we were leaving and the security guard noticed that we seemed a little out of place, he approached us and asked if we had permission to be there.  Wendi said that we did, because her friend (remember, one of the head volunteers) had told us we could ... and then she gave the security guard her friend's name and told him that I needed pictures for "the blog".  He thought for about a nano second and said, "They are pretty strict about who is back here, you should probably leave since your contact didn't call and let me know."

We left, but not before snapping this shot ... which we thought was pretty hilarious ... only in Utah!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Well lookie who rolled into town!  McCall called me yesterday afternoon and said that outside her office they heard an "ice cream" truck in their parking lot so she and a few of her coworkers walked outside to get a treat.  She said it was the CUTEST pink truck and also had fresh baked cupcakes for sale.  (Oh the yummy-ness of cupcakes.)  How fun is that?  The truck driver told them that they had been out to the Daybreak development earlier that day where Extreme Makeover was going to be building a house for an upcoming episode.  WAY COOL.  I LOVE Extreme Makeover. 

So McCall, Haley and I decided we had to go check it out for ourselves.  My friend Wendi lives out in the Daybreak development and she knew right where it was, so we headed over to Wendi's and then walked with her down to the lot where they would be building.  And it was JUST a lot.  There was no home to be torn down - which is a first for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Yesterday was Day #1.

Wendi mentioned that the company doing the house for the family was Holmes Homes. I know the Holmes brothers.  And then as we walked toward the beginning phase of the excavation, I saw a few of the blue volunteer shirts standing out in the lot ... and then I saw Todd walking toward them.  Todd works for Holmes Homes and was the guy in charge of my basement renovation I did a few months ago.  I was pretty excited ... ya gotta know I'd get a kick out of that little connection!  :)

We watched for just a little while ... the TV cameras hadn't even arrived yet, but the big night lights were being hoisted up.  It will be a crazy 7 days and nights for this crew.  And I plan on watching the project as it progresses in the coming week!


(A family friend and his wife were volunteers that first day.)

(Look how AMAZING this sky was as we drove back out of the development ... unbelievably beautiful.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


(Kay, I  knooooooooooow you have already heard this, but ...) Nantucket truly was a wonderful respite from the rest of my world for those few days.  I think the population on the island year round is just around 12,000 but during the summer months it jumps to around 50,000.  Kind of crazy.

Whenever my parents have restored a home there, it is always with the intention of renting it out during those busy summer months.  Nantucket pulls some pretty hefty rent prices, especially if the house is located near town.  (All three of the houses they have renovated were within close walking distance to town.)

So, when any of us have visited, it has been during the off season and not during those busy summer months ... and I love that.  First, because I don't like battling crowds (department store sales - blow out/close out sales - day after Thanksgiving early morning deals of the century sales - no thanks), and second, because the weather is usually absolutely perfect.  This trip - we couldn't have ordered up better weather from Mother Nature herself.

All five of us siblings took a big family trip and brought our own children to Nantucket back in 1994. One of the kids' very favorite daily activities was walking into town to the candy store.  And now when we girls go with our mom and dad, one of our very favorite daily activities is going into town too ... not for the candy, but for SO many other reasons:

(My dad had the girl check the price on this fabulous boat he liked.  It was $1500.  He didn't get it.)

(My all time favorite children's clothing store is pinwheels!)

(The cute flowers outside of the "TOY BOAT".)

(Courty and I fell in LOVE with this puppy!  He belonged to the owner and would just follow her around the shop!)

(We opted not to disturb this sleeping pup.)

(Best sandwich shop ever ... it is a given we will have lunch there at least once during our stay!)

(A new bakery had opened up ... oh my!  Unbelievably delicious pastries!  Whoa.)

(We had pretty much just rolled out of bed!)

(Flowers on Chestnut ... LOVE everything about this shop.)

(So cute.)