Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Serenity.

Okay, I know that I am a little late with my "Yay, it is finally fall and the colors are so beautiful," post ... I've been busy.  But Sunday, after many days of grueling, hard physical labor, I just really, really wanted to take a drive up the canyon to see the colors on the way to Sundance.  And even though it is late in the season, and leaves are starting to fall, and on Sunday it was raining, and the sky was cloudy and a bit dreary, I still thought they (they being the fall colors) were pretty impressive.  But the nicest thing about taking the drive up to Sundance was ending up at my parent's cabin, which was nice and organized and CLEAN - something that I lack at my house right now.

Jared, McCall and Libby met us up there too.  I brought a lasagne to pop in the oven, corn, peas, cheese bread, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We brought popcorn and hot chocolate and a movie ... and it was SO nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the serenity of a quiet, clean (did I already mention CLEAN) house.


  1. All I can say is...Be~A~U~Ti~FuL!!!
    Love the colors---Love the cabin!!!
    Glad you had a relaxing day!!!!
    It's been raining here too!

  2. you deserve a day off (or two, or three) peeps.
    but i still need to see your house!
    ps. love that kindersnest!

  3. That all sounds so wonderful...and their cabin is so awesome! I love evening like this with my kids ;D

  4. Oh my goodness girl!!! This place is amazing..I think I would move on in.

    Friday hugs to you all. xoxoxo

  5. How beautiful and cozy! What an amazing place to go and relax. And, yes, it looks really clean. Ha Ha A little piece of Heaven on Earth!!!