Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween at Secret Haven.

There is a place, about 20 miles north of me, called Secret Haven ... and may I say that taking just one step into their store is a feast for the eyes. They have special open houses depending on the season to showcase all the new arrivals - their Christmas Open House is spectacular. But about 3 years ago ... when I went up for their special fall open house (aka: Witches Night Out) ME.OH.ME.OH.MY. I was blown away (to bits) it was so out of control incredible!!!! Everywhere you looked there were full size skeletons overhead ... dressed to the nines! And this year, they were out again.

Sue is the owner of the shop. And Sue knows how to put together displays better than anyone I have ever seen. I know, that seems like a pretty bold statement, since I haven't seen everyone's displays, but I have been to ump-teen thousands of boutiques and designer show rooms in Los Angeles, and lots of show case houses, and I still think that Sue does displays better than any of them. And what is really sweet about Sue is that she is so unassuming about it.

This last Witches Night Out, I stepped through the doors and stood there, basking in the fall fiesta all around me. Sue walked by and said hello. I looked at her, and shook my head back and forth and said, "You never cease to amaze me. Each time I come up here it is such a treat to see what you have done."

And Sue, in her reserved demeanor, replied, "Well, it's because I have such great people around me."

But if you talk to any of those people around her they all say, Sue is incredible isn't she?

It's a big fat party too. All of the employees dress up in the cutest garb. They used to all dress up as witches, but now it is just an anything goes costume party. They have contests and prizes and discounts and refreshments ... it is a ton of fun and a fabulous start to the season and HALLOWEEN.

And I do LoVe Halloween!!!!


  1. Oh I LOVE IT!!! Makes me want to go through my stuff and see what I want to put out! I think Halloween stuff is THE BEST! Thanks for sharing these great photos! So darling! What are you going to be this year? tee hee

  2. I would love to go there...I think I have heard of it! I love Halloween fun! ;D

  3. That is awesome! That looks like so much fun! I would love to go!

  4. i'm so glad McCall invited me to the witches night out! it was so fun to see such pretty displays!

  5. oh ya!!! i was waiting for this post! so so cutie! you need to take pics of your house this year because it's JUST AS CUTE!!!

  6. Ahhh all these pics are getting me so excited for Halloween!!!