Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drumsticks ... one way or another.

Now I do believe that I have mentioned that my favorite "run to the gas station for a treat" treat is a drumstick, right?  Look what I saw and picked up at the grocery store yesterday!



  1. Oh you funny girl you....don't you still like ice cream sandwiches the best? (or frozen bananas...not readily available at gas stations though!) tee hee

    Enjoy it...it's making me want to go get some NOW!!! Too many of your happy little things do make me crave some! Have you done your "BEST EVER" chocolate chip cookies as a blog yet? Cause those are on my family's list!
    My boys go nutso for your cookies!!!!!
    You could open a store you know!!!! =D

  2. Well my family will think that this is so cool- we always keep a box or TWO in the freezer!

    Thank you so much Polly for the sweet comment you left my way about my front porch. I am a Halloween kind of girl and I love to decorate for the occasion :-)
    I do worry about leaving my skeleton guys on the front porch and even my pumpkins. So far in all the years that we have lived here no one has ever pranked with them- knock on wood!!!! Any way i appreciate the kindness you left my way. I was scrolling through your blog and saw So many fun Halloween decorations- quite a few I have myself. It is always fun to see how others decorate for this fun Holiday.

    Sweet blessings to you.

  3. NO WAY!!!!!! I must find some of this...amazing! Oh no something else to treat myself too.

    Hugs and thanks for sharing the good news. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I have always wondered about the drumstick ice cream... next time, I'm picking it up :)