Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday LOVE.

Libby turned 2 last week so we had a little celebration at my house.  She is currently in love with the Disney movie Tangled so her daddy got her a Tangled themed cake and Libby just loved it.  She loved the candles too and surprised us all when she knew to blow them out after we sang the happy birthday song to her.  (Although it did take a few tries and some help from her mama.)

And speaking of Disney and her mama ... Does anyone remember that Libby's mom and I signed up to run a half marathon at Disneyland right about now?  We had such high hopes and the best intentions when we signed up last February. We were scheduled to run on September 4th.  

Yeah ... that didn't happen though. The race happened ... it just happened with two less participants.  

When I finally decided to actually "train" (and I do use that word very loosely), my body wasn't really cooperating.  My 50 year old knee was giving me grief  ....  (this is where I was going to write about my really painful sciatica problem and seeing the chiropractor everyday and speaking with a back surgeon who told me that now was not the best time in my life to take up the sport of running, but I don't really need any excuses  besides I am old and it just didn't happen ... do I?)

Since McCall is newly pregnant and hasn't been feeling very well herself for the last couple of months, she decided that running the marathon probably wasn't the best idea for her either. (Half the reason we signed up was because we thought the Disney medals they give at the end of the race are so awesome. Disney really knows how to do things right. But, darn it, guess we missed out on those.)  

McCall and her little family still went down to southern Cali though.  And McCall thought the least she would do is get her marathon t-shirt - which she did, and then said it totally wasn't worth the wait in line.  

But at least she gets to be with this little ray of sunshine at 

The Happiest Place on Earth,

enjoying all of the Disney Princesses at Disneyland ... right this very moment .

Ahhhhhhh .......

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Kitty.

I have always LOVED Hello Kitty.  Always. When I was younger, I would walk into a store that carried anything Hello Kitty and wished that I had the money to buy all of it.  And then when there was an entire Hello Kitty store?  Forget about it.

When McCall finds something she really, really loves online, she will send me an email with the link and with the caption:

And if it is really cute:  

Kay, sorry about it, but this Hello Kitty snack tray?


Are you kidding me?!?!?!  That is food.  That is a little rice sandwich and a cracker with cheese on it.  That is a bunny made out of a slice of bread, all resting on a bed of lettuce!  And all for a little three year old's birthday party.  I was dying when I saw it.  It is so stinking ADORABLE!  Come on ...  A Hello Kitty snack tray?  How precious is that?

I saw it over on Amy Atlas' blog ... it wasn't her party ... but she featured it ... you can see it here.  (The rest of the party doesn't really hold a candle to the cuteness of the snack tray though.)

Sigh ... love.