Monday, October 11, 2010

Koralee and Lisa.

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If you haven't clicked this cute little picture on my sidebar yet ... you really must.  This blog belongs to my friend, Koralee, and I think she has the sweetest blog that exists out in blogland.  (She really does.)  Her images are so precious and she always has a positive, happy little message for her readers. 

Koralee recently went to the Creative Connection Event in Minnesota and brought back 7 days worth of fun give-a-ways for her readers.  They were all fabulous (because she has exquisite taste),  but one of my favorites was a $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs.  Lisa makes unique hand crafted jewelry and I just love everything she does.  In fact, last Christmas I bought Libby a little silver spoon with her name on it and a charm necklace for McCall.

Well guess what?  I won ... how fun is that?!  And I am so excited because Lisa has a new necklace design that she calls "Brave Love"  that I have had my eye on. That is a very happy little thing for me.

Thanks Koralee!!!


  1. so so so so lucky! you deserve it! maybe winners aren't really picked at random and someone is watching out for you. a little pick me up! ;)

  2. Oh fun!!!! I went to her site, and the jewelry site, too...WHAT DARLING THINGS SHE POSTS...and the jewelry is precious! won!!! =0)

    I love that! xo

  3. Oh sweet friend...thank you for your lovely kind words today...and I am soooooo happy you won and even better yet you have you eye on something special.

    Hugs for a great evening...I am off to make some tea and put my feet up!