Monday, April 22, 2013

Posing 201.

 photo 947871fb-cd09-482a-8d3a-c96190559cf8_zps72763a45.jpg
SO ... talk about posing, right?!!!!  That cutie patootie, wisp of a girl on the far left of this picture is my friend, Trish.  She posted this picture on Instagram and I had to immediately call her and tell her how adorable she looked and what a fun little pose I thought she had going on in the picture.  I mentioned that my sisters and I always try to get a good angle for taking pics, etc. and she commented on how she thought this was a good angle for her, and then laughed at the fact that it was a little exaggerated.  (Note to self: remember to try Trish's pose the next time we're taking pictures.)

Well ... not too long after that, my sister Leslie had a birthday. Now, Leslie is one of the biggest Mitt Romney fans/supporters that I know. In fact, one of our brother-in-laws told me he was really worried about how Leslie might react if Mitt lost the election. (She survived, but it did take a while to get over the loss.)  

The sisters were all going to go out to dinner and shopping to celebrate Leslie's birthday, and I wanted to pick up some balloons for her.  While I was at the party store I noticed that they had a card board cut out of Mitt Romney.  Leslie had to have it.  (For what?  Who cares ... if for nothing else than a good laugh on her birthday, that was good enough for me.)

Spring was driving the car when they came to pick me up.  Everyone had been running a little late so Leslie just wanted to honk and have me run out.  Nope ... she needed to come in.  She didn't want to.

"Why do we need to get out of the car?  Polly can just come out, I don't understand why we all need to get out and go inside."  Spring made her get out, and Les was slightly annoyed.

But when Leslie opened the door, and saw Mitt standing there, her reaction was pretty priceless.  "Oooohhh."  She walked up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss.  Her man.

 photo 3102a19d-b444-42cf-8fd9-8dda40a8532b_zps754e4063.jpg  photo e8fd22b4-9f4a-4612-a797-537655ad7b14_zps9fe3b07d.jpg

After I took a few (engagement) photos of Leslie and Mitt, we decided to take a group shot.  Spring and Leslie dibbed getting to hide behind Mitt first, so Courtie and I were on the ends, and I remembered to give Trish's pose a go ... and Leslie noticed, "What's your pose? You look good."

I shared my new found tip:  Stand a little more sideways, kind of throw your head back, and tilt your chin.

 photo 6900246e-2429-4e0e-a126-fdafdd409348_zpsf77af8f2.jpg

Next picture .... Les and I both did it.

 photo bcd462e3-de8a-4bed-a393-9ed2b45d0e22_zps6019ba1a.jpg

Then we did it again .... a little too head tilty though ... looks a little silly.  (Okay, a lot silly.)

 photo 8fb28453-6cc5-425f-93ce-d7da1c587fa2_zpsd4604531.jpg

Then we got a picture with Leslie and her daughters. (I think Leslie just may have found a new favorite pose.)  What do you think?!!!  

 photo 44f682cd-9e07-400e-95c8-3f0e9fbb43b5_zpsfa214327.jpg 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Posing 101.

 photo e92f0135-3a2a-4310-bf66-7730a4a50391_zps04004480.jpg

Every so often (but not often enough), my three sisters and I get to take a trip together.  We affectionately call it "the sister's trip" and it is usually a trip back east to visit our parents who live in upstate New York.  We took our first official sister's trip back in June of 2006.  (I remember exactly when too because I had recently gone through a really sad breakup.  My youngest sister, Courtney, said, "Now Peeps, if you are going to be crying and sad the whole time, you can't come.  We want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves."  I did my very best to buck up, keep my eyes dry and enjoy myself.)

That particular trip, my parents were in the process of restoring their third home on Nantucket Island, so we landed on that lovely little "grey lady" and, as always, we did have a marvelous time.  We laughed, we ate too much, we shopped, we relaxed, and we took pictures.

The picture below, of us leaning over the banister on the porch, worked really well for everyone, and by that I mean - any part of our bodies that we might not be so thrilled about (and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) was hidden.  Another bonus of leaning over is that you put your face forward, thus getting rid of a double chin that you might have and not like to see in photos.  (Does this sound familiar yet?)

Now, I hate to call my sister Leslie out, but I'm calling her out .... She is the one who is always the most concerned about the pose or position she is in when a camera is in front of her and we like to tease her about that.  The chin forward tip came from Leslie.  "It makes your face look thinner."

(It was suggested that I give this warning: Picture Overload Ahead)

 photo 5c515301-351f-4cc5-aa1d-e052165614f8_zps25027974.jpg  

One other really great tip from Leslie is just to go ahead and hide yourself behind someone else.  She's pretty good at that too.  And it never fails that when we're looking at our pictures, Courtney (in the pink shirt) always says, "Oh my word.  My boobs.  I am the one that needs to be hiding!"

 photo 1a3f65d2-f9c6-4de9-90c0-db246ad33f4a_zps9c007c96.jpg  
In 2010, we were on another trip to New York.  Now that trip was really a turning point for new tips on having your picture taken.  Note the picture below.  Leslie and I were sticking with our old tried and true tips:  hide behind someone, push your chin forward .... when we looked at the picture of Spring (bottom right in the pink polka dots) we all thought she looked super cute.  She said, "That's because I got some new tips about looking good in pictures."  She shared ..... one of them was to cock your head just a little bit.  She did it, Leslie did it - looks pretty cute, right?

 photo f84b716d-244a-4a32-b167-4e8ecafa2810_zps6b601de0.jpg  
Then we went to Niagara on the Lake and most of the new tips went out the window - at least on the picture below.  Leslie and Courtney did good on their hide me technique and Spring did well on her cock your head a little bit technique, but what the heck was I thinking? (Slouching is never a good thing.)

 photo f9b55429-30f0-450e-bb9c-a9c62166a72c_zps2e8e4fbe.jpg  
After dark, we were over at Niagara Falls and wanted more pictures.  Another tip that Spring shared with us was to put your hand on your hip. Believe it or not, that was the first time we had heard about that tip and yet, now, everybody does it in pictures. (And if you haven't noticed it yet, now you will. EVERYBODY does it.)  It's a great tip too - makes you look thinner.  Well, unless you aren't quite ready for the picture because you were just practicing the tips, like in the photo below.  (Chin out Les ... There you go.)

 photo 7bd97c4f-69b9-48e5-97eb-9a14503da2a3_zps023569d3.jpg  
Now, there can come a point where too much of a good thing is ... well, too much of a good thing, as in this photo.  (We hadn't shared the tips with our mom yet.)

 photo 2f9a9706-b44e-4951-9dcd-8d66a4de4c00_zps5c19dcf9.jpg  
Leslie and Courtney were trying to get in the best hiding position, which totally cracked Spring up, but this picture makes me laugh, and then I remember how insanely hilarious that trip was for so many reasons.  Mostly, on this particular night, because we were making fun of Leslie for not getting a passport and teasing her that she wouldn't be able to get back over the Canadian border and we were going to leave her because she should have done what the rest of us did and not think that she is the exception to the rules ... and we were hungry and tired and didn't want to deal with the border patrol.  (Isn't our dad the cutest?!)

 photo b0cba872-8727-4ae8-8dcc-44a7a398ebd7_zps785426f3.jpg  
Fast forward to Nantucket, 2011.  Here we are on the ferry heading over from Hyannis, Mass. No one really wanted their picture taken.  We had just driven about 7 hours to get to "the boat" but hey, you're on a boat to Nantucket and I'm taking your picture.  (Note that some tips were still followed.)

 photo 90ddc26b-9027-4789-9708-cde2c2111a10_zps97561f80.jpg  
One of the mornings on Nantucket, we all rolled out of bed and went into town to get some treats at the bakery.  No one was really fixed up for the day yet, and eyes were still sleepy, but many tips were still used in the photo below:  hand on hip, lean, push your chin forward, tilt your head, and Leslie and Courtney's favorite, hide yourself. 

 photo 89e68d95-ed07-4ed3-94dd-f198e929eefc_zps7f211751.jpg  
Later on in the day, we took a drive out to the other side of the island, into Sconset.  We stopped at a park along the way and wanted to get a picture of this bronze sculpture.  Our mom said she wanted us to be in the photo so she took the picture.  I was leaning, Spring was doing an awesome pose and tilting her head (which she's the best at out of all of us) and Leslie found the best place to hide. 

 photo e869c07d-1795-4859-a160-05b148de1623_zps800498bf.jpg  
And from the park, we went to the beach.  It was FREEZING cold, but Spring had said, "I am not going to be on Nantucket Island and not put my feet in the sand."  So we did.  And our dad took the picture.
(Leslie - "Wait, I think my hair was in my face."  Courtney - "Wait, mine was too.")

 photo e9c94341-7f41-4bf7-818c-9006861dd348_zps6ec4b682.jpg  
We also realized we hadn't really implemented the tips, so we tried it again.

 photo d4011518-3b49-43fd-989f-f3c23557870b_zps8428e22d.jpg  
Then we had a brilliant idea .... 

Let's take our picture jumping like our kids always do!

 photo 63a34443-f3fb-4fa9-802e-aa9ae7817d2f_zps8a3250d3.jpg  
But as hard as we tried ... none of us could really get up off the sand.  Oh, and we tried.  It was just not gonna happen.  But we sure did get a good belly laugh out of the attempts ......

 photo d5909a8f-8f41-4ffc-8c0c-d2f7acb5a511_zps3e056527.jpg  photo ba11a3ec-249e-4844-b05f-75380c79e508_zps8fb75e83.jpg  photo 6c8ee0e5-9042-4947-9166-9a90cf6f5806_zps832b2ba5.jpg  
....... laughs kind of like Leslie, and her hysterical laughing in this picture.  (Sometimes we get a candid shot without worrying so much about the pose.)

 photo f2925ec1-f48d-4702-8234-7da906f23635_zps0ef0769b.jpg  
Just not usually.  Usually, it's posed.  And all the while trying to utilize the tips of the trade ... if you will. 

 photo 6bd8e5bd-3d15-4566-ba99-eb991580cded_zpse4a9f851.jpg  
(Clearly, I paid the most attention to the hand on the hip tip, right?!)

 photo 318a5913-abdc-4830-af94-77e858aed5c0_zps9eab27a3.jpg  photo d4081ec0-60d4-463e-83a7-154459925584_zps31b32c46.jpg  
Cleaning out the bull barn.  (Man, these girls are good).

 photo ee4967e4-7a63-446f-b574-73b2609abe4a_zps1286022c.jpg  

 photo 02c387cf-78af-476c-b9e5-30b7e346cfaa_zpsf374152f.jpg


The next time our mom and dad came out to Utah, we were all together doing yard work at Sundance and decided to have a "family portrait" done, and naturally, implementing ALL of the many tips.  By then, we had told our mom about them too - hand on your hip mom, it makes you look thinner. 

 photo b2b7e107-ff31-4545-956f-933dcfd2e043_zps85410d1b.jpg

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013.

 photo d76333ef-5ad7-4e3b-93d6-17baa8a87809_zps1293b5f7.jpg

If my memory serves correctly (and that's a big IF at my age), our extended family has ALWAYS gotten together for Easter Sunday.  We have a big, yummy ham dinner, an egg hunt for the littles, and nice quality time visiting with the ones we love.  But, as our children have grown and married, we sometimes have to share them with the outlaws in-laws.  So this year, it was just me and my kids joining my brother and his little brood. (Well, he and his wife have five children too, but we seemed like a little brood comparatively speaking.)

The day was practically perfect, with incredibly delicious food, treats and company. And the fact that the annual Easter egg hunt was just for two didn't make it any less fun for the participants, or adorable for us to watch.

 photo b21d7290-aa23-4b49-b47d-2eb8297c1cac_zpsad094803.jpg  photo f13f2aeb-95ea-4462-a3c9-279c0e326f27_zpsd0635d73.jpg  photo 3dab49d5-fa2c-4c4b-905a-605a41ac205c_zpsa05a2ca1.jpg  photo 20debf40-544f-49de-8053-b3dab4f25733_zps50905825.jpg  photo e89bfab9-617f-46f0-9d7c-c1f278a68b26_zpsa827f7be.jpg  photo 4f285486-5fca-43d5-888c-6a494eb12199_zps2e54aec3.jpg  photo 507f51e8-95e2-4f8c-820d-01e0d9468458_zps7810bc36.jpg  photo ae9657a9-bbc0-410d-a732-6e56ff25b7d7_zps0326400e.jpg  photo 1c516d5a-535a-47d8-b2f4-db80845bd079_zps8f6e9db4.jpg