Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little charms.

 photo 13b6bdd9-2104-43a6-b13a-941d1cf20a2e_zps59524cb0.jpg

I bought myself a little Valentine's present ... initials of my favorite peeps ... LoVe them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day.

 photo b74473c3-adcb-424b-adcc-74f77df90125_zps4a63acb6.jpg
So ... Valentine's day came and went and it was quite possibly my best one EVER, which may sound a little odd since I don't really have a "special" Valentine to call my own. (You can gag if you need to.)  In fact, about a week or so before Valentine's day, I was out with one of my girlfriends and we were looking at cards.  She was looking for her husband and I was ... well, just looking.  I got a little emotional as I read some of the sweet sentiments on the cards and said to her, I wonder how many more Valentine's will pass before I have someone that I want to buy a card for.

But then the day arrived and I could NOT have been in a better mood.  Now that I work in an office environment with other people, I decided to make up little goody bags for the people I share space with.  I gave the girls a little hot pink cello bag filled with chocolates and stickers and I gave the guys a bag filled with candy and a car that said, "I think you're wheelie cool."  I felt like I was back in elementary school - SO excited to pass out my Valentine's!

My sisters, Spring and Courtney, had invited me to join them for lunch at a place in Provo called "Cubby's".  Apparently it is a h.a.p.p.e.n.i.n.g. joint!  My gosh, we had barely walked in and Spring was hugging one gal, waving to someone else, and smiling to a cutie in line who she also knew.  When we went to find our seats, Courtney disappeared and was off hugging a friend that she knew.  (Don't mind me ... I didn't know anyone.)

On the way down to Provo, I just felt giddy.  Like, stupid happy almost.  I had the Christian radio station on (that always evokes emotions anyway) and I just felt so blessed for all that I had in my life. I felt so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends that I loved and a great family that I loved, and kids that had been "my favorite and my best" Valentine's for so many years!!!  My eyes welled up a little bit ... I was filled to the brim with gratitude for the love that I had in my heart.

Valentine's Day is about love and that's what I was feeling overwhelmed with.

 photo f890831a-d553-4d0b-9568-0b745b737e1b_zps4b889b3b.jpg  photo 9cb52092-1974-436b-88dc-2737e8a2a692_zps0b4433dc.jpg  photo 2cb07467-b7a4-40ba-849d-175719a4e9e2_zpsf2e0c5e0.jpg  photo be45cc81-47d0-4571-8731-d7edab5b3bc6_zpsa74e02be.jpg

When I got home from the afternoon with my sisters, Haley and Sophie and I went up to Salt Lake to the Gateway mall.  There was a big event going on called "1 Billion Rising" that I wanted to attend.  I just love being with my girls.  I'll take any and all of them, any time I can!

 photo a8511d05-b335-4e35-9815-1c5de9e0462a_zps71b49630.jpg  photo 523b1471-f401-4759-ac52-a7d2cdb52e93_zps8aa73530.jpg  photo 4ab4d090-af01-4106-9a15-e68e445fbd2d_zpsa7322c4f.jpg

And then to top off the day ... I stopped by my friend Vicki's house and she and her husband were making up a luscious dinner for a friend who had recently lost her husband.  We took it up to her house together and then afterwards, Vicki invited me to stay for dinner with them.  (Not the first time I've been a third wheel with the Browns.)  It was like dining in a fine restaurant.  I told John that his steaks are a close second to Ruth's Chris (which I'm pretty sure are the best steaks on the planet).  It was absolutely delicious and the end to a rather practically perfect day.

 photo f4e384d1-1584-402c-94a7-a618e1fe1af6_zps137a8a7a.jpg


Thursday, February 14, 2013

LoVe day.

 photo 6bcd5338-b35c-4034-adef-0aa5936e4aae_zps3b1008b0.jpg
(Chloe as Cupid)

Happy Valentine's Day!
(eat lots of chocolate ... and enjoy!)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow bunnies.

 photo acc8209a-d2b9-4bfb-882f-ffc6458556a9_zps2003571f.jpg

A friend of Sophie's needed to take pictures with film for a photography class.  

(imagine that)  

So Sophie, Josie and their friend, Maren 
came to play in the snow in our backyard.

When I looked out my kitchen window, 
and saw the smiles on their faces, 
I had to grab my camera too.

Love these girls.

 photo 2f731095-1dcc-4417-ae3e-b4a4bf2e326c_zpsc5c4a551.jpg  photo 8ab51d22-2bc6-4566-b52f-9735b75ab756_zpsde82219b.jpg  photo 7e92e45e-5711-4127-8ce1-8ead3615d656_zpsc6f1c568.jpg  photo 048aeaff-a064-4c53-8114-a94886061ebe_zps6c495f0a.jpg  photo ecbc320a-b62d-4788-8e35-2da16351b073_zpsef1f4d46.jpg  photo 0fe36d49-21ca-4d5e-8f1e-ea680ce66750_zps0269a28b.jpg  photo daaef072-9250-44d2-a6a9-d679f9b473bc_zpsaee6b599.jpg

Friday, February 8, 2013


I saw this image on Pinterest and my eyes got really wide, seriously, they did.  I haven't seen anything like this before.  An old door hanging from a tree, creating a table for an outdoor meal. 

the chairs ... the dishes ... those flower boxes

It kind of blows my mind in a sweet, surreal, peaceful, I want that setting sort of way.  I wasn't even sure where to "place" my PIN on Pinterest so I put it on my LOVE this because I do ...

I LOVE this.

Monday, February 4, 2013


 photo lovinggrammie_zpsc65fa213.jpg

A couple of weeks ago McCall asked if I would watch Logan and Libby for a few days.  I was happy to do it.  McCall and her sister-in-law Brandie were planning on driving down to San Diego to empty Brandie's storage unit and get everything moved into their townhouse before her husband came home from his deployment this month.

I can't even remember now if I ever got dressed that weekend.  There was lots and lots of lounging and laughing and loving.  And one of the things that I got the biggest kick out of was Libby's dressing up.  I think it was the second day they were over that Libby came downstairs with this get up on:  

 photo modellibs_zps25a8b759.jpg

I busted up! Of course, then when I tried to take her picture she wouldn't smile for me and got all 
mopey because I was following her around trying to take her picture.  I asked her where she got the clothes from and she said from Sophie's floor.  (Soooooo many choices laying on Sophie's floor!)  

I had also sorted the laundry, so there were piles on my bedroom floor as well and that little girl had a hey day putting on different things - all day long, and then every day after that.  I had to be sly to get a picture of her though, because she was just not havin' it.

Here are a few shots I managed to take with my not so great camera phone:

 photo IMG_20130125_184423_zps56a2053c.jpg

 photo brownstripedlibs_zps7d0a4858.jpg

 photo IMG_20130113_134657_zps4e092c35.jpg

 photo 6d42e164-9fcc-40b8-9bdd-d83c2b0f5d87_zps0986b32c.jpg

 photo IMG_20130131_184353_zps1a5deba4.jpg
(yes, we watch a lot of shows and eat pretty much all day long too.)

Whenever Libby comes to visit now, she always goes upstairs to check out what clothes are laying on the floor for her to put on.  The last time we were tending, there wasn't any laundry on my floor so she opened up every one of my dresser drawers and pulled clothes out.  When I walked into my bedroom and saw it, I just smiled.  How could I possibly be upset when it is soooo much fun for her and brings us soooo many smiles?  (Not keen on her getting into my jewelry though ... we need to work on that.)

(I'm mildly obsessed with the first picture in the head-dress.  She's pretty stylin'.)