Monday, October 25, 2010

"Kindie" love.

If you ask my mom, she has been in love with my father since they were 5 years old.  They were in the same kindergarten class ... this is their school picture ... can you even believe that?  (It's true.)

As my mom tells the story, she always had a crush on my dad.  She loved it when my dad would come to school and have red lip prints on his cheek from where his mother had kissed him goodbye that morning.  She was certain he was showered with love at home ... and got to go home to a hot meal at lunch time.

My dad grew up in a very traditional home.  His father worked for the railroad company "all the days of his life."  His mother was a stay at home mom who got up and got dressed up "all the days of her life."  I never saw her in pants, ever.  She wore hose and heels everyday.  She wore a slip under her dress, and earrings clipped to her ears.  She had a wonderful array of gloves and purses that my older sister and I used to LoVe to get into and play dress up with.  My father had one older brother and one older sister, but with 13 years between he and his sister, he was raised pretty much as an only child in a lovely adult world with road trips and culture.  (I bet you can guess which little boy he is.)

Suffice it to say, my mother's upbringing was a tad less traditional, but she looked at Bobby Winebrenner with his etiquette and cultured self, all through their school years admiring who he was and what he had to offer.

My dad played the violin and was involved with the theater department in high school.  My mom played volleyball and basketball and could bowl a perfect 300 game.  They didn't hang with the same crowd during those growing up years.

But as luck (or maybe destiny) would have it, my mother's sister, Mary, got engaged to my father's cousin, David.  And at their wedding, my mother served as the maid of honor and my father served as the best man.  There they were, together again, but this time, they stayed together.  And they couldn't be any happier.

So here's to you mom and dad, little Bobby and Sally Jo from East Rochester, New York ... congratulations!

Happy Anniversary!!!
I love you!


  1. he's the one too proper to sit on the dirty ground but, squat instead. saving those freshly pressed pants. so cute. what a treasured picture this is. happy anniversary grammie and grampie!

  2. They look adorable!!! I never knew she bowled...WOW...THAT IS SO SUPER CUTE!!!!
    They are so sweet...and this is the cutest love story! Happy Anniversary to them! xoxox

    (did the school really choose a piture with a girl picking her't they have re-taken it! So adorable though!)

    And the little blond girl standing behind your dad in the flowered dress looks like she could be family now!

  3. Ahhh, that is so sweet! How wonderful to have such a story to tell. And I thought is was a good one that my daughter and her 8th grade boyfriend got married after his mission! :D

  4. I am crying, this is so sweet P-dove. Daddy is that dear little boy with his knee's sticking out. In these days the schools didn't take pictures...this was taken by my dear friend, Faith's Mother. I am in the back, third from the left because I was one of the tall ones. I couldn't do anything with my hair then either.
    I can't imagine life without your Father...he is one of the choicest...I knew it in Kindergarten. Thanks for this sweet memory. momma

  5. Oh My Goodness! This is priceless!!! I absolutely love this story, and I HOPE that you have your Mom and Dad telling this story, together, on video. If you don't, I think that should be priority. Your mom was such a wise 5 year old! I was always drawn to the naughtiest boy in the class. :)
    (But, thankfully I married a good guy.)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and Happy, Happy Anniversary to your sweet Mom & Dad!
    Love, Joyce
    P.S. I guessed, from your description, which one was your dad. I love the tie. :)

  6. What a wonderful story...Happy Anniversary!

  7. that was such a sweet story i can't believe i've never heard. they are so lucky to have each other...happy anni g&g!

  8. I loved reading this post, how romantic!

  9. Ahhhh....what a cute story....Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

    Wow.....same Kindergarten class..that is special.

    hugs. xoxo

  10. I can't stop thinking about how sweet this is. Your mom and dad look so adorable in this photo. And little did they know, at five years old, the amount of love that would be created from those two cute lil spirits. They have made such a beautiful family...full of darling faces. It really is amazing!!!! Much love to you "Bobby" and Sally Jo....(I have never heard your dad referred to as fun!)....they are just so precious! Love you both always...and miss you tons!!! =D

  11. OK p-p-dove so your bestest brother (only brother for those who think I think I'm #1) has never posted so heeeeeere I go. I do love this sweet story. I just showed my Kater-bugs (5 year old) her grammie and grampie at her age and she giggled with joy. I asked her who she would marry in her class right now and she said she wasn't sure. That's really what makes this story so sweet...who really these days grows up in a small town their entire lives and marry their kindergarten sweetheart?? Thanks for sharing this peeps, and Happy Anniversary Grammie and Grampie!!! loves from your bestest favorite (remember people...only one) son, D-Bob