Friday, May 31, 2013

Chloe Ray and Jennifer Love.

 photo 0546a5d0-dbf0-4ca1-8809-532bf9eb0f68_zps2d32b789.jpg


Before I get off the subject of my little Scarlett Starlet, Chloe Ray - another actress that she has always, always, always reminded me of is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can't quite pinpoint if it is their facial features (real cute, feminine), their mannerisms (girlie, quirky) or their body type (curvy, hour glass), but for years I have thought that. When I see Jennifer Love in anything - I think of Chloe.

When my girls were young, we used to watch the TV show "Kids Incorporated" all the time and loved it.  If you've never seen it, it was a teeny-bop sitcom.  The cast was a group of youngsters who were in a band together and would perform a couple of numbers during the show.  Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the show at one point, as was Stacey Ferguson, aka:  Fergie (she couldn't have been more than eight, and was so darling then) and Mario Lopez (he sure makes the rounds, doesn't he?).

When Jennifer Love resurfaced in other shows, there was just something about her (hmm, maybe the fact that she reminds me of one of my own) that drew me in ... I'm a fan.

Surely, I have mentioned this before, but Chloe is my daughter who is in pursuit of the Broadway dream.  Ever since that girl was little, she has loved to sing and perform and be on stage.  She is at her happiest when she is involved in some type of production.

Chloe recently finished a run of "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang" at a local theater and her plan was to move to Los Angeles as soon as that show wrapped, BUT .... another little show called "Footloose" came her way, so she is currently living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the summer playing the part of Wendy Jo.

I miss her now, I will miss her like crazy when she moves to L.A. and then eventually New York, but I have always encouraged her to pursue her dream of musical theater.  (I told her I look forward to wearing a sparkling gown at the Tony Awards when she invites me.)

When Chloe was still a teen, she got the part of playing one of the wives in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  They asked her to dye her hair black.  UM, NO!  I thought they should get her a wig ... but Chloe was all for it.  So she and her sister Haley, unbeknownst to me, went ahead and did it. Surprisingly, we loved it.  (Who would have thought?) She kept it dark for quite awhile too, and since then her hair has gone from dark to strawberry, to blonde, to brown, to strawberry and back to blonde.  (I think she's in the right profession - she can pull off lots of different looks.)

 photo collage-1_zps8844da0b.jpg
(Chloe and Jennifer as strawberry blondes.)

 photo e84aeb77-68ba-4b9d-8f87-39587e92c4b9_zps2a70ece7.jpg

 photo 73e42f64-799a-4349-938c-1393eaf59fb9_zps932dd480.jpg
(Chloe and Jennifer as brunettes.)

 photo 5a3f04b6-97b6-4eb6-b690-201a74056cf1_zpsdebcf4d8.jpg
(Chloe and her husband in her second run of "Joseph" ... wigged this time.)

 photo 9a278b20-7218-43ed-af2c-5a3d2986de15_zpsa82ba141.jpg
(In "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang".)

 photo 98c9508b-8be1-4418-a343-f1b85f2b341e_zps55eff3b4.jpg
(In "9 to 5".)

 photo e36f384f-dbb3-41d9-8a73-f18aa63d3bd9_zps180619dc.jpg
(In the studio, as her silly self.)

 photo fad7f5c2-f12b-4022-ba10-8cbdff7f66be_zps76beaf46.jpg

Wigged or not, silly or serious, I absolutely  adore her.

(Top photo and photos 1,7 and 8 were taken by the talented Keala Jarvis.)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We bought a ZOO.

 photo 4b3b5f20-2a6a-4fe6-a4fc-b0685afd641b_zps65ae7c16.jpg

I remember driving down I-15 around Christmastime and seeing the billboards of zoo animals (lions and tigers and bears zebras, oh my!) with big, bright bows around their necks and thought how stinking adorable those ads were.  I thought it was VERY clever marketing for our local Hogle Zoo - to get people to come out and visit the zoo during the holidays.

Guess I was wrong about that one, wasn't I?  It was, in fact, VERY clever marketing for the movie, "We bought a Zoo."  It looked adorable and I kept telling myself that I needed to go see it with the kids.  They weren't as excited about it as I was though.

I had been having a really rough day at work (actually, it was a relationship issue).  The guy that I had been dating had sent me an email that made me SOOOOOO mad - like more mad than I can ever remember being.  (Yeah.  I was fuming.)  I just couldn't shake how upset I was with him, to the point where I couldn't sit at my desk anymore.  

What gets my mind out of my own reality is sitting in a dark theater, with a ginormous screen in front of me, at the movies.  I can totally lose my thoughts and engage myself in someone else's script for those couple of hours.  So I got up from my desk right that minute and drove down the street to the nearest theater.  I was hoping there would be something that I wanted to see, starting at just about the same time that I arrived.

And fortunately, there was. HELLO, "We Bought A Zoo."

I loved it.  I thought it was adorable, and I was crazy about the cast that played in the movie.  How cute is Matt Damon?  He was such a great dad, and I thought there was really good chemistry between him and Scarlett Johansson.

 photo ae9a4cfe-9865-4199-960e-fe511490498f_zpse49a07f0.jpg

My daughter, Chloe, reminds me of a lot of different actresses, and Scarlett Johanssen is one of them.  And when I saw that cutie little red-head who played Matt Damon's daughter, Rose, I thought, Oh my word.  That little girl is so much like Chloe was as a little girl.  She was just too precious.

 photo 8eb4613c-ded7-473a-88c2-1c0bf6996f0b_zps063d87f4.jpg

SO, is it just me?

 photo 8b68147d-8a99-4f99-90e9-0a1456d4b39f_zps6a128431.jpg

Or is there a little bit of a resemblance going on?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A little thought.

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I have had ZERO time for blogging lately, and I am sad about it.  The blog posts that I'd like to do are really piling up ... well, as far as blog posts can pile up.  I've been away so long, I just noticed today that Photobucket has changed once AGAIN and I have no idea when that even happened.  But I will say this about that - when I have time to poke around a bit, maybe I'll like this new way better, because I really didn't like the old new way at all.

So this post is a happy little thought, so that the next time my good friend Delanie looks at my blog, she won't  have to say to herself (and then later to me), Enough of the post about posing, P-Dove!  We already know and don't want to see that anymore.  (Right Del?  Love ya!!!)