Friday, October 29, 2010

E-Man, Bat Man, My Man.

(Halloween Dance, October 2010)

(Letter for school, August 2003)

Speaking of E-Man ... look what I came across just last night.
He thinks thought I was a good cook.
Gotta love these little momentos ...


  1. oh my hilarious! did he see this yet? hahaha.

  2. That is AWESOME!!!!
    What a doll!
    I adore darling notes from lil boys to their mamas~I have some of mine taped to my wall in my craft room!!!! There is a special bond! =D
    And as a mom of boys~~~gotta say~~~I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  3. That is so cute! Boys are so cool aren't they?! Have a great Halloween! ;D

  4. Hey sweet friend!
    Finally, a chance
    to catch up on your
    blog, tea cup in hand!!
    Love your memories of
    your E-man and the fun
    license plates, too!
    My baby boy turned 12
    TODAY and we started
    the festivities at
    breakfast and they will
    continue through tomorrow
    and Halloween : ) Can't
    believe you've had snow.
    It was cold here for two
    days and today ~ 50 degrees.
    The colors have been really
    spectacular. Hope you are
    enjoying the weekend!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Such a dear story
    about your parents!!