Monday, October 18, 2010

Pony parties.

The little blondie sitting in the saddle is Jake.  Jake had his 4th birthday party on Saturday.  I had worked from 6:00 am Friday morning to 4:00 am Saturday morning (22 hours in case you were counting) finishing up the painting in my basement.  Truly, this renovation, is the hardest thing I've ever done, bar none.  Now remember how I said my renters were moving in, ready or not?  I was kind of not ready, although I was pretty close.  It just seemed that every time I turned around, I noticed something that still needed attention.  It was never ending.  Overall,  I will say that it did end up looking pretty darn good.  So good, in fact, I wanted to move in instead of going back upstairs to the main house which is in complete disarray .... I told my renters that if their task of moving in seemed daunting they needed to come upstairs and look at my house.  I made them.  And then they felt sorry for me.

But anyway, when I finally dragged my sore, aching body out of bed on Saturday, after a few hours of restless sleep, barely having the strength to get showered and dressed, I looked out my front window and noticed that a little red pick up truck carrying a pint sized pony as cargo was pulling up to the curb in front of my neighbor's house.  The sign on the top of the truck read:  Have Pony, Will Travel.  Now how cute is that?  And just like that, my mood changed.  Not my aches and pains, but I did realize that life beyond my own four walls, which have enslaved me for the past several weeks, still exsisted and someone was having a pony party and I was going to go.

I grabbed my camera and headed next door.  Missy (Jake's mama) suggested that I call Libby and have her come to the party too, so I did.  Now Libby is used to animals since she has her puppy pet, Cooper, so she wasn't afraid of the horse.  In fact, I think she thought he was a big puppy and was happy to pet him.  Riding him????  Not so much fun - she wasn't going to have it.  But she sure got a kick out of the cowboy hat .... except she preferred to use it as a purse.  She is already such a girlie girl that way!

I hadn't been to a pony party in over 20 years ... not since my friend, Diane, had one in her back yard when McCall was two.  Good times those pony parties.

(Oh my ... the 80's bangs!)


  1. Soooo cute...oh how I would love a pony or a donkey or both! Your bangs are sweet my friend..I so remember those days. xoxox

  2. Oh you and McCall look so adorable...I love the 80's bangs...and I love you guys!!!! And miss you tons and tons my friend!!!! Libby looks darling too...she is probably just a lil small to love it yet, but she will! Glad you made it through your big move in! I knew you would do it!!!! Many Smooches to you! xoxo

  3. I love that
    Pony, Will Travel!
    And look how cute
    you looked, 80's bangs
    and all. You are
    right, it is so
    important to see beyond
    our own walls...
    There are pony parties
    going on and we'll
    miss them if we don't
    look up!
    xx Suzanne

  4. man! i wish libby would have gotten on. that would've been a cutie side by side pic w/ me an' you. me an' you. LOVE IT!!! except those 2 very unflattering pics of me w/ libb's. oh well.

  5. That you now have pictures of you and McCall and McCall and Libby, at a pony party, is PRICELESS. I will expect 11x20's of both in your grammie room.

    Still in awe, that even in your state of disarray, you could put your hands on the 80's photo. YOu have MAD skills girl.

  6. I loved your 80's bangs..very cute! I love pony parties, we had one once and a clown came along too. We had two kids with the same week birthday so be partied hearty that day! Loved all your cute pictures and the Halloween thing in the posts below too! ;D

  7. I love the picture of you and your daughter, so cute! What a fun idea for a party.
    Enjoy your day today.