Friday, October 1, 2010

More love notes.

dear leslie, spring, and courtney,
thank you so much for spending the day with me on my less than happily anticipated birthday yesterday. i love your company more than words can say. there is no one i would rather shop with (even though you know i don't like to shop), over eat with (you know i like to over eat), and spend the midnight hour with lounging on my sofas reminiscing about our day and laughing 'til the tears come streaming down our cheeks. thank you for your sweet and generous gifts too - you are the best and i am blessed to call you family.

dear kim,
you are an amazing sister-in-law and i love you. thank you sooooo much for arranging such a fun day for me on my birthday. thank you for bringing treats that i love to the movie and for setting up the appointments for all of our hot stone massages and pedicures - it was an especially memorable day. i can't tell you enough how thoughtful it was of you to do that for me and how much it meant to me. you're the best.

dear special friends in the blog world,
i have not been one of those bloggers who has tried to figure out how to get my blog more visable or noticable or popular. i actually find that a little intimidating. i'm not sure i could handle that added pressure of a certain expectation from my readers ... if that makes any kind of sense.

but for those of you who do read my little blog, i want to thank you sooooo much for your kind words and encouragement and support because it really, really, really is a boon in my day. i love your comments and i love your little notes that you send to my email even when you haven't ever left a comment here. it does my heart good - and sometimes my heart needs some good. so thank you for that and for my birthday cheer.

dear girls who i lunch with,
you are the cutest. there really is just something nice/special about girlfriends you go to lunch with, don't you agree! there is a certain little comaraderie that lunch dates bring and i have quite a few who treated me during my birthday week and came bearing gifts as well. thank you for taking the time, and spending the time with me. my life is sweeter for having you all a part of it.

dear text messages, emails, phone calls, facebook posts, packages that arrived in the mail, and gifts that were dropped off at my door,
you all helped with happy, positive, uplifting and encouraging vibes throughout the day and i wanted to be sure and let you know how wonderful it was to have all of that a part of my birthday yesterday. it is comforting to know that so many people thought of me and sent love. (it really did help pacify the anxiety i have had all month at the thought of turning fif**.)

all my love,
polly dove

(pssst ... and vicki - thanks for the tiara too. it got a lot of attention! you're my party guru!)


  1. What a darling are so lucky to have each other! Wish you could have made it to California...but, you actually only missed really hot weather~mixed with loud thunderstorms and lots of, it is better that you are waiting to come! =0) So glad all your sistas spent the day with you...sounds like you had a blast!!! I love and miss all of you girlies!!! Muah xoxo

  2. i was going to call to hear what you ended up doing and now i KNOW! so jealous! i'm glad you had fun after all. love and miss you!

  3. So, are you happy today..about being 50 I mean? Looks like you had the right bunch to party the tiara! ;D

  4. O.K.- Your family definitely has the "Cute" gene! It looks like you had an amazing 50th birthday! Celebrate every year, everyday that God has blessed you with on this earth- especially when you still look like a 20 year old! Not kidding- You really do!
    My birthday was not on the 30th, but on the 25th. Mine was very Bitter/Sweet. My mom died on the 22nd, so I thought more about her than I did me on the 25th, which I think is always appropriate. Face it, on the day we were born our Mom's did all of the work. :)
    Enjoy this Very special year!!!