Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Really green grass.

I have a slight obsession with really green grass, just ask any one of my children. We can be driving down the street at any given time and a typical outburst of mine might be, "Oh my gosh! Look how green that grass is!!!!" And they may or may not care, but I say it outloud anyway (they're use to it now).

Another of the great things about early Spring is that most everyone does have green grass. For those of you who are thinking, Duh people would have green grass, that is what color grass is, when the heat of summer rolls around, not everyone's grass stays green. And then there are the dreaded brown patches where your sprinklers don't hit, or you have those neighbors who may be trying to go green and save the planet by not watering (which is an oxy moron in and of itself when it comes to the grass), who let their lawns go completely dry and brown ... oh, except for the random green weeds that pop up - why they stay green with or without water is truly a mystery of heaven - yeah, that's when those really green lawns pop out and you can appreciate the care given.

One of my best Springs ever, I had two neighbors who are also a little obsessed with their lawns knock on my door and ask what I had done to get my grass so green. I was so proud! My secret that year was that I had remembered to put a late fall fertilizer on and an early Spring one as well. Good stuff!

My sister, Leslie, has always had a really nice green lawn and she shared her secret with me years ago - for her, just plain straight ammonium sulfate. She said it was really cheap and greened up your lawn in just a few days. (The first time I used that on my lawn I hadn't bought a spreader yet, so I took handfuls of it and walked up and down my yard throwing it out like birdseed. Within just a few days, sure enough, that grass was nice and green ... well, some of it was. Apparently I wasn't as efficient as a spreader and it was striped - literally, striped. Dark green and light green. I bought a spreader.)

Leslie also made the comment to me once that she thought green must be God's favorite color. And I think she might be right - with blue as a close second.


  1. 3 cheers for a 3 buck bag o ammonium

    you are the perfect chica to blog about green grass, cuz you always got it!

  2. Hey our lawn is filled with moss...I will not let my husband kill it...it is such a pretty colour and so soft. Crazy I know. Hugs of a great!