Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pom pom balls.


(image from martha stewart.com)

I am totally in LoVe with these tissue paper pom pom balls.

And I am beginning to see them EVERYWHERE ... on blogs, at parties, at boutiques.

I think I need to make some for Sophie's room ... maybe for Libby's room too.

I cut some of my white peonies yesterday and brought them inside.

As soon as I arranged them I thought they looked like tissue paper pom poms.

Or maybe the tissue paper pom poms look like peonies.

I think I'll start calling them peony pom poms!

Either way ... they really are so much fun ... talk about a happy little thing!



  1. I just love them...the pom pom balls and the peonies! :D

  2. peonies are my favorite! i wanted them for my wedding but they weren't in season :(

  3. I have been seeing those pom poms everywhere too and love them as well. Let's get started making some...

  4. if we make pom poms.........then we'll have to make merriment too........let's!

  5. Hi! Just popping over to pay you a return visit. Realized that I've been here before ~ such a very lovely blog! I saw one of these hanging pretties just today when I was out and about, only it was made with gerbera daisies, which were a hot pink color, and it was really outstanding. Thank you for your sweet comments on P&H. I'll be back!
    xx Suzanne

  6. They are beautiful Polly - I soooo wish I had cut mine before we had a killer rain storm - I have 2 white and 2 burgundy by my front door. How I love them so, thank you so much for sharing YOUR happy little things. What a darling blog you have - thanks for letting me snoop!
    Donna :)

  7. So cute...I love them all...still a ranuculus fan as my favorite though...but, these are a very tight second! =)