Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drive thru.


Don't you just love a drive thru? And although it has been made extremely clear on my blog that I am a burger and fry kind of girl ... I don't just mean the fast food drive thru.

I also mean the wonderful convenience of the drive thru at the really smart establishments who get the fact that we are generally lazy by design and don't really want to get out of our car if at all possible when we are running our errands.

You know, places like the dry cleaners and the market and the car wash, and the pharmacy. I mean even having a Red Box sitting outside now makes renting a movie practically like a drive thru, right? And the last two times I got my vehicle registration renewed it was at the DMV drive-thru. Can you believe that? Our DMV has a drive-thru ... now that was smart thinking on someone's part.

Sometimes when I'm out with my kids we will really be in the mood for something (back to food now) but if they don't have a drive thru ... we pass.

Some Subway's have one and we love that. Still waiting for a Panda Express to get one though. (There is a Panda Express by my work and I went there for lunch the other day. Parking at that particular row of restaurants during lunch time is kind of ridiculous. But once I did find a spot a few hundred yards away, I walked in and walked out within 3 minutes - I said to the guy at the register, "Wow, that was super fast." And he replied, "Faster than Wendy's!" But then I had quite a hike back to my car ... see, I might frequent their place more if there was the convenient drive thru window.)

Now just so you don't think I am a complete lazy-daisy, I still walk into Costco, my office and church. (Just joking ... I just really like drive thru's!)

After thought: This just reminded me of a time when I was supposed to meet this guy for a date. Only, in my opinion, it wasn't going to qualify as a date. (Online dating has sort of changed the rules I think.)

Since I really enjoy talking (not just me doing all the talking, but having a conversation with someone) I prefer to meet for dinner at first. That way, there isn't usually a time restraint on when the date should end and you can usually spend some nice quality time getting to know the person.

But see, that's exactly why guys (I have found) say they prefer lunch dates. If it isn't going well, they can cut it short and get back to the office or get to that appointment.

One time a guy wrote me and said that on a first date he likes to meet in a park for a walk or to play frisbee. (What?) And then he told me we could maybe get some ice cream, his treat. (What?)

So, another time the guy I was supposed to go out with, suggested that since I lived in Draper we should just meet at Barnes and Noble for a drink (aka: soda or latte?) Okay, when I heard that - a drink? Not even lunch? I seriously was tempted to write him back and say, "Or we could just do a drive by and see how that goes."

I didn't ever meet either one of those two ....


  1. Me too...when I am there...none here though, just the country grocery store and the feed store and a few eating places..none drive through ..dang it! Come say hi :D

  2. OH MY STARS!!! I have great news for you! The Panda Express by my work DOES have a drive-thru. Awesome for you! Come try it out...and I'll come too. Then we'll eat in our car and say, "I love drive-thru Panda". ;)

  3. Soooo cute my friend...I must say drive thrus have saved me a few times...I can hope in my car with my pjs on for a late night DQ fix! xoxo

    Hugs for a great day.

  4. Yeah there is def a Panda Express in American Fork & Orem (not that you are ever in either of those cities) that have drive fact, I don't know if I have ever seen one without a drive thru? I'm going to have to pay more attention. And I'm really happy you used the phrase "drive by"....brings back memories of HS days ha ha