Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One pale pink peony.


I have several bushes of peonies in my yard. They are definitely one of my favorite flowers. I am always anxious for them to bloom so I can put an arrangement in my kitchen. They smell soooooo good.

Yesterday, as I drove into my driveway after work, I noticed one lone bloom. One glorious pale pink blossom on just one of the bushes. Isn't it stunning?

Here is the weird thing about that - I don't remember having pale pink peonies before this one. I remember the bushes in the front yard being a really deep, dark, rich pink and the ones in the back being white .... hmmm?

Did you know that after several years, all tulip bulbs will eventually turn yellow or red? Even if you have had a nice array of glorious colors like pink and white and purple and orange? Because yellow and red are the only true tulip colors.

I wonder if my peony is changing from its deep dark pink color to a pale pink hue on its way to white. (Or it could be just one more reminder that I am slowly losing my mind and just thought both bushes in the front were dark pink.)


  1. I absolutely love peonies. I have a whole bunch on the side of my house. They are a few dark pink ones and some light pink ones and few white thrown in. That's an interesting fact about tulips. I never knew about the color thing.

  2. that IS stunning. peonies make me so happy.. they are simply lovely.

  3. I didn't know that about tulips and maybe it is happening with the peonies too...thats very cool! :D

  4. well, if you think you are losing you mind, rest assured you arent alone:)

    your pics of that cupcake made my mouth water. i had to exercise all self control to not put all 27 of my kids in the car and drive to sweet tooth fairy, (is that the name?) buy a dozen and save one for kenny:)

  5. I just had to leave my beautiful peony plant behind when we moved. But I cut three of the new blossoms and brought them with me. I love them too. How nice of you to stop by today for a visit. I hope you will come back tomorrow so I can invite you in. I love your blog too (fellow mom of 5)! I will be back to see more of your "happy things".

    Hugs, Carrie

  6. Adore these flowers and yours is so so favourite colour! xoxox

  7. i love that color too. so "little girl". and you know my love for little girls. ;)

  8. That one is stunning! I love them in ANY COLOR! The losing your mind part....Hhmmnnn...I am sure if you remembered it being dark probably have too good of a, no the kids would is probably changing with time just like the rest of us! =0)