Friday, June 4, 2010

Cute old couples.


Not too long ago, I was driving with Elliott and he said, "You know what I think is just so cute? When old couples are together and the man is so sweet to his wife, like when he takes her arm and helps her. It's so adorable."

I had to agree. There really is something so precious about a couple whose love endures the test of time. When they get to a place of serene contentment and joy.

I think this cute little couple is the epitome of that ... Gordon B. Hinkley and his cute wife Marjorie.



  1. Ahhhhh...I so agree. So sweet! Blessings for a day of Joy. xoxo

  2. president hinckley is my favorite and my best

  3. I have always loved seeing older couples who are still in love. It almost makes my heart hurt. I hope and pray that my husband and I will always be loving and considerate of each other. I think that he will, and I am working on me. :)

  4. me too!!! i LOVE old couples! there is this old couple that comes in every few weeks to get their hair cut at my salon and the husband always helps the wife up and in the door...even though he kinda needs the help too! i love it :o)

  5. How sweet are they??? I love the sweetness of their cute little faces...and their happy expressions....could they be any cuter??? ADORABLE!!!