Friday, June 25, 2010



I knew when I first started this blog that I would eventually post this picture. It is one of my very favorite pictures that I have taken - ever! This is McCall and her closest friends from high school on the day of their graduation ... it was a great day. They called themselves L-7 which stood for Lucky Seven, and I think they were.

Girlfriends are the best, for so many reasons - but today my reason is because I have girlfriends who missed my blog while I was away. And you don't even know how sweet that is and how much that means to me.

I have a lot of really wonderful friends. Some I have known for 30 plus years and BOY have they shared a lot with me. Some others I "acquired" as a young mother and we shared a lot of joys and sorrows as we raised our little ones together. Some have become close friends in more recent years and whose love and support I have desperately relied on as I faced some rather trying challenges.

I consider my sisters some of my best friends too. As my own daughters have grown, they are some of my closest friends as well and I consider that a blessing in my life.

And now as I have become a blogger, I have blogging friends, and that is really a sweet thing. Because as women we know how important it is to support and encourage and give shout outs to each other when we need them.

So today is my big shout out to all of you friends of mine, young and ... um ... not so young:

Thank you for being there, really.


  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    I just said good-bye to a dear
    friend this afternoon after
    a lovely three-day visit together.
    She is like a sister to me!
    The neat thing about blogging
    friends is that you get to know
    their essence, with things like
    age, geography, looks, etc. simply
    peeled away, leaving shared
    interests, values and styles.
    Sweet post!
    xx Suzanne

  2. Thats a great it! I'll join in your "shout-out" Yay sisters! Love this blogging! :D

  3. i love that picture!! i had that up in my house for YEARS. it wasn't until i got married that i felt obligated to replace it with a wedding picture...i almost instantly regretted that decision :)

    i really am happy you are back to the blogging world, you were missed.

  4. mine was up for years as well...actually...still is? i'm pretty sure it still is. AND i do know it's been featured in every wedding video thus far. ha. good pic mom! love ya!

  5. Girlfriends are the best! Those "7" are adorable! How lucky to have each other...especially during their high school years! Girls can be mean!

  6. What a sweet sweet daughter is going to miss her school buddies so much too...but they will carry these friendships through their lifetime..I know I have been blessed to still have high school friends in my life.


  7. I totally had mine up for years until one day it fell off the wall and totally broke. I was so sad. LOVE this picture and all the girls as well!

  8. love you, my forever girlfriend. Don't know how I could survive without you.

  9. This is THE CUTEST PICTURE....they all look so GREAT...individually and as a group. Which is pretty unusual for a group of seven! And you are my friend of 38 years now....OH DEAR...are we really that old...I remember our matching Easter dresses in 8th grade!!! LOL!!!! Or the picture of us in my parents front yard in our white graduation dresses that same year. We were standing in front of the rose bushes. What a hoot....Bestest friends forever!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't imagine it any other way!!! I LOVE YOU POLLY xoxox