Friday, May 28, 2010

Lights, camera, Casey.


If you are someone who watches American Idol I doubt you will ever forget Casey James' audition. He somehow ended up with his shirt off which pretty much sealed the deal for Kara. Talk about eye candy.

Personally, I think Casey is a really good entertainer. Maybe not great, but he was definitely consistent, definitely can sing, and definitely is a very good musician. But make no mistake about it, his looks got him a lot of female votes! Talk about eye candy.

I love a guy with great hair - especially when it looks good in a pony tail, and Casey's definitely does! When he made the top 10 and the show started styling the contestants, they sort of coiffed Casey's hair a little too much. Like I'm pretty sure some nights they had used the flat iron to enhance his curls, which they really didn't need to do since he has one of the greatest heads of hair I've ever seen on a guy. Talk about eye candy.

I had sent a message on facebook to my friend, Diane, telling her she should really try and get tickets to see American Idol and that I would be there in a second. Well, she did ... to the final show. SWEET! So I starting looking into getting cheap air fare and didn't find any. And since I am really needing to go see my girls in Tennessee soon, I decided I couldn't afford to do both so I sadly told Diane I was going to have to pass.


Holy cow. Let's just suffice it to say I was a little distressed that I had missed that show in person - especially since Diane did opt to go without me and ended up sitting in the 7th row. (I can't even talk about it.)

But! Because I love Diane, and she loves Casey, and she got to SEE Casey really up close and personal, I decided that I truly was happy for HER!!!!! I had told Diane all along that I thought Casey looked like he could be one of her boys. He has a similar look to her kids, but talk about eye candy.

Well, when Diane did see him in person, she said he took her breath away. "And there was another woman in her forties too who gasped when she saw him and said he looks even better in person." (So Diane wasn't just saying that. I guess he really does.)

Did you read my post about good genes? (Over here?) I am pretty sure Casey lucked out in the exceptional gene pool ... that skin, his hair, his eyes. Talk about eye candy.

(This post is for you, Diane ... I liked Shibhon!!!)



  1. Just calling him EYE CANDY does not SUFFICIENTLY describe this guys true BEAUTY.....I think I better describe it as PERFECTION....and I will leave it at that!!!!!!!! =0)
    The only thing missing that night was YOU...this was a night made for you!!!! Thanks for making me get tickets...I will never forget it!!! WISH YOU WERE THERE!!!!!

  2. i wish you were there too mom. but, there will be other awesome nights...and just remember you have seen your true "eye candy" up close. keith urban, yeah? yeah?

  3. o.k
    who won? because i think i saw the show once. did eye candy win?

  4. Too bad you missed it!!! He did have beautiful eyes but I don't like a guy with prettier hair than me! LOl Yay for Lee..he was very good! Come say hi :D

  5. Has Donny gotten too old for Diane?

  6. LOL!!!! To all of you cute girls! Yay for Lee who won ... he should have. He is more commercial than Crystal even though I think she is better - she'll do well on her own, without the "leash" of American Idol.

    Beautiful is probably a good word for Casey too Di! I was just a little stuck on "eye candy" for him. :)

    And no, Les, Donny is not too old for Diane ... she just appreciates beautiful people - young and old!!!!

  7. why do i have a trash can next to my post?

  8. You know that I am not a celebrity follower so I wouldn't recognize any of them standing next to me. But I must say this Casey guy is gorgeous! And when I saw the picture for the very first time, I had to look close because I first thought it WAS one of Diane's boys! Talk about good genes...

  9. Well...just to clear things Donny has not gotten too old Les (hi)...but, this guy is what I have to call PERFECT! I don't remember having to catch my breathe like that before...being in someone else's presence...and when the lady behind me did the same thing...I knew that I wasn't dreaming! Yes, I do think I met the guy that took Donny out of his number 1 seat!!! And that is at any age!!!! Did I say Yowza! lol

  10. And to Del(hi to you, too!) would have thought he was even more gorgeous in person...I think it was his coloring, too! And those blue eyes!!!! Maybe it was just everything! But, everyone has to stop saying he looks like one of my kids...cause isn't that just a lil creepers!!!!! And in person he really doesn't look like any of them, cause his blue eyes stand out the most, and my kids have green or brown eyes! He has a great speaking voice, too...just hope Hollyweird doesn't change his sweet spirit!!!! He grew up with nothing, and his dad left when he was young...super innocent for 27!!!! Super close to his mama...did I say PERFECT? lol