Sunday, May 16, 2010

Orange and blue ... together.


I got my copy of Oprah magazine over the weekend and LOOK how fabulous this cover is! I am crazy about the orange and blue together! And I also decided that one day I am going to have someone photoshop a picture of me too. So my hair and skin and lips and teeth look as perfect as hers do. I don't think I'll have them do my eyelashes quite so long though -really, Oprah? But otherwise ... this is such a great picture of her.

Not too long ago, in her "10 Year Anniversary" issue she put the previous covers inside the magazine (and I really do believe it was ALL the covers spanning that 10 year time frame) and made her comments about them. She pointed out which ones were her favorites and which ones were more along the lines of, "What was I thinking?"

But hey ... I suppose when you are getting a different magazine cover of yourself every single month (for the last 10 years), you are bound to have one or two that maybe is not so fabulous.

Now in doing my blog, I often have to go through my boxes of photos to find just the one I have in mind for a particular post and in doing so (besides it just being so fun and really sweet to see cute pictures of the family through the years), I do come across pictures that are some of my absolute, very favorite pictures I have ever taken. And it reminded me of a conversation I had with McCall recently. I asked her if she had a favorite photo of herself and she said she did and knew which one it was almost as soon as I asked her.

So I had an idea. Since this blog is a little intimate affair of sorts ... I thought it would be fun to ask you (yes, YOU, the one reading these words right now, YOU) to email me your very favorite picture of yourself and why you love it and I am going to post them. I really and truly would adore that. And I think you should - you really, really, really, should. Even if you think you don't want to - do it for me!!!! 'Cause that would be such a happy little thing for me and bring me a lot of joy!

(And if you read this you probably blog or email or "facebook" and know how to do that - do it, do it, do it! And if you hurry, we can all see each other like, around, maybe, oh, I don't know, shall we say next Friday? And you know if you don't you will say, Dang, I wish I had been a part of that!)

Kay, and that really wasn't going to be the gist of this post, it just managed to segway (and that isn't how you spell that word, but you know, I can't find it in the dictionary to spell it correctly since I don't know the correct spelling).

.... and I loved orange and blue when they used it here too:


POST EDIT: My sister sent me this photo after I did this post of an orange and blue wedding ... so cutie!



  1. yay oprah!
    yay orange and blue!
    yay fav pics! i still need to send you mine but, it's on the other computer so, maybe tomorrow. la ya!

  2. You are so sweet....I do love OPRAH...I am not so sure you want my photo though...I am a little bit camera shy. xoxox

  3. ok i am working on this - finding my favorite picture (of myself, i have millions of lukey) is not so easy! I'll send one soon!

  4. So Im thinking about the lashes.....ok Oprahs are rediculous!!!!! but I could get some for free thru Elase. They are usually like $200.00 to get them put on and then you do have to have them lifted like every 3 months. What do you think. Not too long and not too thick but are they still just silly?

  5. What a darling wedding!!!! I love those colors too...I think they make you happy just looking at them!!! That's why!!!! ;}