Friday, April 23, 2010

Snips and Snails ...


Snips and snails and puppy dog tails ... and frogs, dirt, rats and snakes. Elliott just couldn't get enough of them. Today is this little guy's birthday. He is 17, and when I first found out I was expecting a boy I cried. I knew how to do girls, not boys. But as a mother, you learn to adapt.

Elliott was truly my best baby. He ate well, slept well and never spit up so he always smelled good and you just wanted to snuggle him. I vividly remember heading to the hospital to have him too.

Contractions started in the early evening for me. I labored all night, puttering around the house, getting things done as we do when we're nesting. I showered, packed for the hospital, was fairly calm during the process, until I walked into my hospital room and sat down on the bed to be checked. I just broke down and cried. The nurse said, "What's the matter sweetie?"

And as I blubbered, I said, "I am SO afraid of going through this again. You guys never give me an epideral and I am so scared of the pain that's coming!"

She calmly said, "We can give you an epideral. Don't worry. Let's just get you settled in and I will check and see how far you are dilated." (Famous last words.)

So she did and I was pretty much ready to go. She said, "You know, if we just break your water, you will have this baby in no time." They broke my water.

The problem at that point is that THAT is when hard labor sets in and you think you just might die. (I had had all of my babies at that same hospital in Anaheim, where nurse mid-wives do the deliveries and they like natural births. Three natural births were enough for me and I wanted an EPIDERAL through this one!!!!!!!)

But NOOOOO! He was ready to come. It took him another couple of hours but then all 8 lbs. 13 oz. of him arrived that morning, and I became a little boy's mom. And I had to learn how to be a little boy's mom because little boys are so different from little girls.

He taught me patience that I didn't even realize I would need. He acquired the nick-name, E-man, at a fairly young age since he had the energy and stamina of a super hero. And I couldn't figure out how he did some of the things he did, so he must have had some super hero powers.

I used to tell him it was a good thing he was as cute as he was because it helped save him on most days. But he absolutely held my heart in his hands. I was in love with him.

And then Elliott grew up ... and he has become a pleasant, mellow, polite and sensitive young man. Who knew that could happen?

(And I just know he'll take care of me in my old age.)


  1. yes! love that picture collage...especially the rat in the pocket one. so elliott. ha. happy b-day liitle bro. i'm glad i don't have to pick up all the books and videos you pulled from the shelves anymore. ;)

  2. Sweet story!!! I got the willies looking at that snake..the one thing I am afraid of...well really there are many things... but snakes are high up there! Hugs to you. oxo

  3. cute pics of him! i loved your facebook "MY SON!" i will forever think of you when i hear that... happy birthday little elliot {well, i guess not so little!} la ya

  4. love the new's so elliott. he was a cutie. IS a cutie.