Friday, April 30, 2010

#4 - Inclement weather.


Now I'm not talking severe inclement weather because that is just no fun at all. I am just talking about the kind of "really? this is weird." weather that happens along in random fashion.

Like when you're in Hawaii and it is a bright sunny day and then out of no where you feel raindrops on your shoulders. You look up, there aren't any clouds to speak of, and you say to yourself, "Is that rain I just felt?" And then a few minutes later - it's raining - right in the middle of the sunshine.

And like the summer rain storms in upstate New York when you leave for the day without an umbrella but then mid-way through your activities, seriously dark clouds roll in, the thunder claps so loud it makes children turn, screaming toward their mommies, and the bullets of rain clap down on the sidewalks so hard that the raindrops seem to bounce. And then once you get yourself under some shelter, it looks like sheets of water coming down. Very cool rainstorms in upstate NY.

Last week we weren't sure if they were going to cancel Elliott's track meet because it had been raining a little bit and the skies were cloudy. They didn't. So I went. Good thing I brought an umbrella, and my sister showed up with blankets. Besides being rather fridgid, toward the end of the meet the clouds darkened ... deep grey, heavy, looming. They had dropped a little bit of moisture but once a few rather long, bright lightening bolts and rolls of thunder showed up in the distance, the officials decided it was gonna be grim before too long so they announced that the current event would be the last of the day, and everyone started to "close up shop."

Within 5 minutes it was pouring. Pouring like it does in New York, not Utah. The coach was yelling "get on the bus!" Elliott and I ran to our car, laughing the whole way there. We were absolutely soaking wet by the time we ran across the field - and I had an umbrella!

But with the amount of wind too, it was sideways rain. My jeans were drenched and Elliott's hair was ringing wet. We loved it. It was SO random, how could we not? I mean that downpour came on like a flash flood. The inside of my car doors were also dripping by the time we jumped in and shut them.

It was a good time ... not so good in the event of a wedding though, or a family reunion. I get that.

So this morning Elliott opened my bedroom door and said, "Mom!? It is WAY white outside!"

Tomorrow is May Day - really? That's okay. Smile.


  1. i really really LIKE elliott's haircut. :)

  2. He is adorable. Hard to believe you are still getting snow!