Monday, April 26, 2010

#1 - Cotton balls.


When I recently posted my 100th blog entry, it reminded me of my original list of happy little things. When I first had the idea for my blog, I really did just grab a pen and paper and make a list of random things that popped into my head that I liked. And I mean random. I got to 80 pretty quick and laid down in my bed that night thinking this is gonna be fun.

I looked at that list again today to see how many of those original things have actually made it to my blog and was surprised that I had only blogged about 33 of them. How could that be?

So I decided that I would take the next 10 blog posts and make them about the 10 most random things on that list.

So #1 is cotton balls. And I think it is so funny that just a couple of days ago I came across a blog where the girl actually pointed out how much she hated cotton balls. Say what? How do you hate a cotton ball?

I LOVE having my jar of cotton balls handy. And I always make sure that I tuck a few away in my toiletries bag when I take a trip too because chances are, there won't be one handy when I need one.

Have you ever tried to take mascara off of your eyes with toilet paper? How about removing nail polish with anything but a cotton ball? It isn't easy ... the tissue just flakes and is hard and doesn't really do the job right.

But a cotton ball - oh yeah, it'll come through for you. When I am too lazy to actually wash all of my face at night (Sophie can't believe that her mother gets in bed with make up on), and my eyes are itchy, I take two cotton balls with a little soap on them and gently rub my eyes. If they don't do a thorough job with that first rub, I rinse 'em and do it again. They don't fall apart ... and they stay soft.

On Sunday night we were watching that new game show called "A Minute to Win it" and one of the things the contestant had to do was put some vaseline on the end of her nose and then pick up a cotton ball from a bowl with it (no hands) and walk from one bowl, several feet away, to another bowl and drop the cotton ball in. If she got 5 cotton balls from one bowl to the other on the end of her nose within a minute she would win and move to the next level.

You KNOW I thought of that blogger and how she would NOT be able to do that ... but even for a chance at a million dollars?

I don't know. But that would have been an easy one for me.


  1. I love cotton balls too. :) I use them with vaseline to remove eye makeup and for many other things. I have a glass jar in my bathroom too. I think it needs to be refilled though. ;)

  2. and it helps that its set up in such a cute jar! ;) ---you make me laugh p-dove. i can picture you making your list :)

  3. i remember when you first made your list and told me a couple things on was cotton balls. and i said "really? cotton balls? i don't LOVE cotton balls." and you said, "that's why it's MY happy little things." ha.

  4. You are way too cute for words my friend...only you could make an entertaining post on cotton balls...hugs for a wonderful rest of your week.xoxo