Monday, April 19, 2010



I am beginning to think that the blogging world has drastically increased the sales of cupcakes. I think this because several (and I do mean several) of the blogs that I follow have mentioned cupcakes a time or two. My blog has mentioned cupcakes a time or two! (Well, technically just mentioned my favorite little sweet shop that happens to sell cupcakes among other things.)

In fact, when Haley and I were recently back in Tennessee, we had just a little bit of time to kill before I had to catch my flight home so we thought we would drive around Nashville to get a feel for the city since we had never been there. Guess what ONE store happened to jump out at us and we just had to stop? Gigi's cupcakes. It was too cute not to go in!

Just last weekend in Seattle they held a cupcake convention. I thought surely that was unprecedented! A cupcake convention????

But when I googled it (and realized it was called "Cupcake Camp") I found that it was not the first of its kind. There had been one in NYC and San Francisco in 2009 as well. And you can even find out how to have your very own Cupcake Camp in your own town. Who the heck knew?

I am leaning toward thinking that this cupcake craze is just a really fun and cute trend ... I know that the cupcake shop owners don't want to think that, so let's hope for their sake, it isn't.

And in the meantime, we can all still blog about the cuteness and yumminess of a cupcake.('Cause they really are quite cute and yummy.)


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  1. i never heard that story...totally cutie. and yummy. diets are NO fun!