Thursday, April 1, 2010

My April Fool's baby.


Last night I was trying to get Sophie to clean her room. In an effort to encourage her (or guilt trip her into being more productive) I said, "It really is not too much to ask you know. 15 years ago at this time I was laboring to bring you into this world. All I am asking is that you clean your room."

Her response, "Mom!!!!!!!!" And then she smiled really big and cleaned her room.

Sophie was one of my favorite babies ever. McCall said the same thing about her just the other day. She said, "I loved Sophie as a baby."

And when I am remembering Sophie as a baby, this is the picture I think of. Because one of my favorite things about her when she was just a tiny thing was when she would wake up from her naps. (I just want to pick her up and squeeze that little girl!!!!)

She was always so happy to be awake again. Most of the time she would talk to herself or make little sounds until I came in and got her out of her crib. At this particular age she would stand up by the railing and do her best to get mom's attention ... but not crying, just chatter.

(I think it was shortly after this age that the first thing she would do after a nap would be to bring her empty bottle with her to the fridge, pull with all her might to get the door open, point, and say, "Kiet Coke." I knew then it was time to stop keeping diet coke in the fridge. Pretty sure the pediatricians wouldn't be too happy about that in a bottle.)

Sophie was smaller than my other 4 babies too, which made it kind of fun for me. She seemed a little more dainty, a little more sweet. She was the perfect size and softness too - with the perfect amount of baby hair (still has the best hair in the family). She was "practically perfect" in many ways ... and some people think she still is. (I am one of them.)

Sophie has been my child who has been the most stubborn when she wants to be, and had just a few fits to beat all fits (unlike the others), but I think that just might serve her well as she grows up. She asked me the other day what job I think she would be good at, and my honest answer was "anything you wanted to do, you would be good at."

After I gave it a little more thought, I think the perfect job for Sophie would be as a personal assistant - to anyone. Her memory is remarkable (she remembers all of the family factoids even when it isn't relevant or you wish she wouldn't), she is like a walking calendar/dictionary/fact sheet. She is usually pleasant to be around and seems just happy to be here most of the time.

So 15 years ago, after spending most of the day in labor, I begged the nurses at the hospital to get this baby out before midnight! (As if they had some control over that.) I didn't want to have an April Fool's baby. But I did.

I had Sophie at around 12:10 am, April 1st, 1995. It was a really happy day for me!

Happy Birthday Little Did!

I love you! xo


  1. I just love reading your blog. It is uplifting, and witty, and honest. I love that you post about things that make you happy - we all need that in our lives. You do it with such gratitude for what you have and with such sincerity. That's what I have been trying to get out of my blog lately, and the blogs I read. I love the inspiration that comes from the good ones, and yours is one of those.

  2. Happy birthday little seester! I really did love "did" as a baby. I'm SO happy that my tweets looks like her. I think I should post a side-by-side pic of libs and sos on my blog for her b-day. It'll be late but, cutie. I'll need to get one from you. Great post! La ya lots!

  3. I love me some soph. And I'm so glad she is out of her question phase. Some of my hardest laughs were when she would walk in the room and ask the most random- no one in the world could possibly know the answer- question. And she does have great hair, but so do you and all your kids.