Thursday, April 29, 2010

#3 - Cute handwriting.


I'm pretty sure just about everyone in my family has nice penmanship. My dad is a designer, studied architecture in college and has beautiful cursive. My mother has always been artistic - she illustrated her year book in high school, painted, crafted, is an interior designer and had such cute handwriting that I used to ask her to please write my notes for school in cursive because it looked more like a mom's writing (and I didn't want the office ladies to think I had written my own note).

My older sister also designs and creates and arranges anything and everything. She ties the most beautiful bows you have ever seen - her writing is so precise and consistant it almost looks like it could have been typed.

My brother graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Illustration. (Enough said, right?) I have asked him to label things for me because his writing is so nice. My favorite "guy" writing is when they write in all capitals. Drew writes in all capitals.

I have two younger sisters who you can tell just by looking at the way their little girls are dressed that they must be artsy ... they are. Their homes are darling, their holiday decor should be on a home tour, and they both write equally as cute as each other.

Then the second generation came and we have lots of girls ... and they all have pretty cute writing too. But the girl we have crowned the "Queen of Cutest Handwriting" is cousin Paige. Everyone has told Paige that her writing is so adorable they should make a font out of it.

Well what do you know? Technology finally has given us the capability to do that, so when Paige got married a while ago I gave her a certificate to send in to get a disk to download so her handwriting can be a font on the computer .... pretty cool.

I remember when Creative Memories first came out and scrapbooking was all the rage, one of the things the consultants used to tell you about scrapbooking was to be sure and write in your books as well. Having your handwriting documented was important for posterity too. When my sisters and I would look at sample scrapbooks in stores we always pointed out how darling some of the writing was.

I have probably put together about 10 scrapbooks and maybe 2 of them are labeled. 'Cause you know how some days are good handwriting days and some days aren't? Yeah ... I kept waiting for that really good handwriting day. (I need a font too!)


  1. Peeps, you should put Lindsay's and Brynne's handwriting samples up too........they are soooooo cute.

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  3. Oh I agree..her handwriting is lovely..I would so love to get that program where I can use my own handwriting on my computer. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing today....xoxo

  4. I WOULD LOVE TO COPY A COPY OF HER WRITING FOR A FONT....she could sell it!!!!! =0)
    Super-duper cute!