Friday, March 16, 2012

These faces.

Are you watching American Idol this season?  For the past few years the judges have been saying, "This is the best talent we've ever had on Idol."  I think that this year, it really is.

I loved all of the audition process this year too.  The group auditions were so fabulous in Vegas, I wondered how in the world they were going to chose the top 24 - and the judges said they really DID have a hard time choosing.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have been SO sweet with the contestants.  And their faces?!  So funny - they get SO into the performances, I love it.  To me they seem much more sincere than the last set of judges, and genuinely concerned about them as well which has has made it more enjoyable for me.  (Although I do think Randy is trying to be the tough guy now, like Simon was, but it just doesn't quite work for him.)

I don't normally vote (I haven't been one of the 60 million voters in the past), but this year, the competition is so stiff, that I have been voting every week.  (All two of them so far.) 

It's tough to say who my "very" favorite is since I have so many - and then that sort of changes after each performance, depending on how well they do, 'cause, you know, consistency is the key, right?! Jessica Sanchez?  Unbelievable in every way! LOVE her!  If you watch the show, you know what I mean.  If you aren't watching the show, tune in next week and watch this teeny, tiny, 16 year old power house sing. (OR! You can click here ... pretty phenomenal.)  And I really love DeAndre - such a showman, and Hollie - another tiny little talented power house, Colton - he could sign a recording contract today, Elise - loving her raspy soul, same with Erica, and Heejun .... you gotta love Heejun!!!  (It's gonna be sad to see any of them leave now.)

Do you have a "very" favorite yet?!  


  1. you didn't give my boy phil phillip's a shout out. I LOVE HIM! i don't know why but, i just do. i love all the others too. it's gonna be a goooooood season.

    love the pic! j-lo is so prett! and i loved jessica's glittery gold pants this week. :)

  2. Hi,

    We all love it here in the household....the kids love Colton and my favorite is Phillip. Love his voice!!
    Let's see what happens.. Have a good weekend.

  3. Well...I must say this is a first for the Wood household ~ to like the long-haired dude that I like ~ LOL!!!! I always pick the guys with the hair....and this year is no exception. He is not a powerhouse...and probably won't win...(like the rest of my log-haired dudes!) But...I loove him anyways and his high tones!!! So, he is my favorite!!!

    There really are too many to name just one as the top winner yet.
    I agree Colton should just be signed TODAY!!!!
    So, I guess it's him ~ since my choice won't win!!! :)

  4. I have not watched it my friend..maybe I should start...wish I could watch with YOU!
    Thank you for your sweet comment that you left me the other day...what a blessing you are to me.
    xoxoxo Hugs and love to you.

  5. I wasn't a huge fan of the leggy teen that was eliminated last week, so i was good with that bye-bye. But now...who is going to go???? I SCARED! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I agree with Diane on the "long-haired dude" he is such a cutie pie, and I wish I knew what they put in his hair (uggg, the forever hair saga of the Snowden sistas)