Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love seeing all of the "instagram" photos on the web now.  Kind of sad that I don't have an iphone so I can take some instagram photos of my own though.  (If anyone knows of an app for a smartphone that is similar, be sure and let me know.)

This is a picture of my little nephew, Smith, that his mama took for her "photoaday" instagram.  I guess there is a theme for each day that the folks at instagram somehow give.  You take a photo, according to that theme, and then post it for all of the other "instagrammers" to see and like, or comment on. (Yet another way of social networking.)

So yesterday's theme was:  Something you wore.  Here is what my sister Courtney had to say about her post:

I found this awesome little vintage shirt at the thrift store.  Since I'm not a huge country/western fan, I'm referring to it as the Rockabilly shirt.  Smith is referring to it as the 

"I'm neba eba weawing dis cuz it's weiwd" shirt.

Oh my .... I laughed pretty hard at that one.  And yes, Smith really is that beautiful and has that fabulous of hair!


  1. Adorable!!!!!!! Oh and I love that name Smith!!!! I must remember that one.
    xoxoxoxo Hugadoodles to you.

  2. Oh Peeps, a whole blog post on my Little pinty, u so nice! Instagram is a curse and a blessing, as social media often is. Time suck with a capital T! I'm giggling to myself as I look at this picture, he was NOT happy about his "new" shirt to say the least! This bubs really is such a character (we just need to work on that speech impediment!)

  3. i love his speech impediment. it makes smith, smith. he really is such a little doll. don't tell him i said that. :)

  4. He IS beautiful and I adore his gorgeous hair!!!
    You called that one Auntie Polly!
    What a doll he is!!! <3