Monday, March 12, 2012

Smiley things.

I really would like to figure out how to get an app that resembles an Instagram for my phone.  So many bloggers are posting about their "life according to Instagram."  I love the look of the pictures.  That cool, retro, vibe.  

This is my attempt at creating Instagram-ish pictures.  Here are a few little things that made me smile over the weekend:

Easter cards at Target.  I love Target.  And I love Easter.  Especially Easter candy!

This little girl was in the window at H & M.  She reminded me of DeAndre from American Idol.
She could totally be his little sister. (My girls and I are LOVING DeAndre!)

Nice Mohawk little bug.

Nice backpack little dude.

Can't get much more convenient than this!  Drive Thru Girl Scout cookies.
(I have eaten SO many more than my fair share.)



  1. GREAT, fun,
    cheerful pics
    that I absolutely
    needed right at
    this very minute!
    My son and I are
    really into The
    Voice this year,
    instead of A.I.,
    although I should
    be checking in so
    I know who is IT
    for 2012!

    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  2. So fun!
    Wish we lived closer to each other
    so we could share more fun things!!!
    Miss you Polly!
    Loads of Lovies to you <3

  3. I would say they turned out quite instagramish! Good job :) I saw someone post a picture on FB that said underneath it. Not sure what it is but it looked instagramie too, so worth a check. We love Deandre too, We thought he was going to make it last year!!!

  4. i was just thinking i wish my last box of girlscout cookies was on my desk at work, not in my pantry at home. where did you say that drive-thru was.....

  5. Ok ... now... I don't even know what you are talking about with this instagram thing!!!!!!! NO CLUE!
    tell me more

  6. I think your photos are lovely...and now you have me craving girl scout cookies and Easter candy...see what you do to me. This is why I love you. xoxoxox HUGS

  7. So I found your blog from Sandi's Habitat... you are lovely! And I don't usually comment on stranger's blogs until I've stalked them for at least like 6 months, but I just wanted to comment about the instagram for Android. Because I want to take instagram photos too!! I googled it a while ago and apparently an app for smartphones is in the works, but still a while away. I have tried a few that are supposed to be similar but haven't been too impressed. Lightbox photos was one. It's okay. Just thought I'd let ya know! :)