Monday, March 5, 2012

Girl Scout cookies.

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A few years ago I stopped by a friend's house and she had a really cute little decal on the window by her front door that said, "No Soliciting.  Except Girl Scouts."  I thought that was so funny.  And then I noticed it on a few other doors too and thought that I should have one made for my window.  I never did.  (I don't like solicitors.  They actually are a little upsetting to me.  Occasionally, I have said, "Oh darn it.  I forgot to put up my no solicitation sign!"  And they have actually apologized and walked away without so much as beginning their sales pitch.  But that is the exception, not the norm for solicitors.)

Well it is that special time of year again!  When that unexpected, normally annoying knock on your front door comes and you think, as you reluctantly get up off of the couch wondering who in the heck needs something from you now, is none other than the little neighborhood girl asking if you'd like to buy some girl scout cookies.  And I happily oblige .... normally ordering four boxes of Thin Mints (my favorites) and two boxes of Samoa's (my girls favorites). 

This year, when another brand new little girl scout in the neighborhood knocked, and was so shy she could scarcely get out the words to tell me what she was selling, how could I not oblige her too?!  I just duplicated the order. Order number one has been consumed ... we are still waiting on order number two.  I best be giving that little girl a call!

(And even though my sister, Spring, thinks it is silly that I buy Thin Mints when they are the exact same thing as Keebler grasshopper cookies!  I tend to disagree.  Because the box is cuter, I prefer little girls to little elves, and I remember to stick them in the freezer in their cellophane little wrappers, and they just seem to taste a little better.  And eating them one cellophane wrapper pack at a time is the way to go.) 

Don't you agree?!


  1. Completely agree!! (frozen thin mints rock)

    Girl scouts selling cookies are the best type of knocks on the door. :)

  2. I agree pp dove. We Winebrenners are suckas for cute packaging so the thin mints most certainly prevail! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  3. ONE box this year was my limit! WHY?? Because I can NOT control myself!!!
    I know! The solicitors -- grr!!!
    Love that adorable sign! Need one!
    Have a pretty day!

  4. PEEPS!!! when we were hanging out at my moms on saturday, we saw the empty box of thin mints (i dont think they lasted an hour) and i said "MOM! where did you get these?" and she said "peeps brought them for my birthday!" so we seriously walked out the door that second and prowled every store we knew that has sold them.... to no avail. maybe its better though, cause we would have probably bought 19 boxes. (thin mints, of course. they are the only ones i buy!) my mouth is watering as we are speaking of them.
    la ya!

  5. I sooo agree...but, I haven't had these in a gazillion years either! I love them from the freezer. I used to be that little girl selling them door-to-door! It was fun! :)

  6. where'd you get the sign? That's exactly what we are looking for

  7. where'd you get the sign? That's exactly what we are looking for