Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Okay, okay, okay .... so I guess it isn't a secret!  Oreo is celebrating it's 100th anniversary today!  (Right on the tails of Dr. Suess too.)  I have seen it posted on other blogs and by some of my Facebook friends, but I am going to join the ranks of 'em and give this fantabulous cookie a shout out of my own!

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Walmart with my friend, Vicki.  We were BLOWN away by their massive Oreo display!!!  (It was almost, but not quite, as spectacular as the Cuties display I blogged about.)  When we were checking out there were two checkers who had differing opinions about the display.  One of them said she loved it and wanted to take the big, HUGE Oreo cookie men home with her when they were done.  The other girl said the HUGE Oreo cookie men creeped her out and that she wanted to take scissors to them and pop them!!!  They were too funny.

Vicki and I both thought that everything about the display was FANTASTIC and couldn't get over how cool it was and we appreciated how much work went into it ... but we do differ on our favorite flavors.  Vicki got a much bigger kick out of the Birthday Confetti variety (although I will admit they are stinking adorable), but since I am such a creature of habit, I still prefer the good ol', plain ol', regular ol' yummy standard Oreo as my first pick from the cookie jar.  (Lots of people love the double stuff ... not me.  Why mess with a classic, I say.  To me, the "stuff" then over powers the goodness of the cookie and changes the flavor.)

I really do love Oreo cookies.  I rarely buy them though, because it's one of those things where if you do, you just can't stop until they're gone.  If ya know what I mean.

However, I did notice they have some mint Oreos ... hmmmm ... I suppose I ought to give those a try, since chocolate mint is my favorite flavor combination.  (I doubt they could compare to the girl scout Thin Mints though!)  :)


  1. Oh my Oreo!!! I LOVE Double Stuff the most & I literally have to fight my way passed them EVERY time I go to the store. EVERY time.
    Great tribute.

  2. I haven't had an Oreo in years...but, I must say the Double Stuffs are my favorite! Very addictive...we used to eat them on the way to the river...might have been the last time I had one...like 20 years ago? Shame...I will get a pack next time I go to the market! :)

  3. Really...wow...that's old! Yahooooo for them...maybe I need to go buy a box. I would like to try those cakie ones....you roll them in sprinkles and they look like whoopee pies {someone else's brillant idea}
    Happy sweet day to you. xoxo

  4. I haven't had an Oreo
    in soooo looong......!
    I think it might be time
    for a sweet reunion : )
    I am strictly an Oreo originals
    girl. Actually, I like the
    other brand even better ~
    shhh ~ Hydrox!

    xx Suzanne

  5. Oooooo I am so starving right now & I am fighting off a late night snack & these are not helping me :) I am just glad I don't have any oreos in the house :) I have a thing for them too!!!

  6. I loved the new ones. I could sit and smell the package of the new ones forever. LOVE the birthday cake smell.

    I like the Double Stuffed the best. :)