Thursday, March 29, 2012

LP sighting.

Wow ... it has been a really long time since I posted one of my "LP sightings".  I saw this one recently and thought it was extremely fitting for me these days. 

My girls decided that they wanted to audition for The Voice.  We love that show.  (Christina?  Hmmm, not so much though ... mostly just Adam and Blake.)  

Auditions are being held this weekend down in Southern Cali so we are hitting the road tomorrow.  Hurray for a road trip!  It feels like forever since I have been out of the state and I decided it was high time that happens, so .... off we go! (And it isn't like we think there is a very good chance of making the show, but it is all about the fun and adventure too, you know?!)

Elliott can't come with us because he can't take the time off of work, and Haley can't come with us because she has a game, so it will just be Chloe, Sophie and I .... I'm looking forward to it.  It's TIME for a little adventure.

..... even if it is a little KERRAZY!


  1. My sis in law just tried out in Chicago. Be prepared for long long lines! Best luck girlies!!!

  2. So FUN!!! And NOT KERRAZY AT ALL...those girlies have pipes!
    Best of luck...see you soon!!! xo

  3. hey peeps! i loved catching up on your blog...i have been outa it for a while. congrats on your new little bb, cant wait to meet him. have so much fun on your road those little adventures! cant wait to hear all about it. loves.

  4. Okay I love this hahaha and LOOK at your family?! Everyone is just beautiful :)