Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey batter, batter!

When I made cupcakes the other day I decided that I like eating the batter even more than I do the cupcakes. Its a flavor you just don't get any other way.

Elliott said, "Mom that frosting on the counter that you made is sooooo good."

I guess he agrees with me. :)


  1. OMGosh...cake batter, cookie dough...brownie batter...IT'S ALL GOOD!!! That's why Cold Stone made Cake Batter Ice Cream...have you tried it? You should! Could be a new favorite? =0)
    I love the cute wrappers you are using!!! I want one...(or two?)

  2. Sooo too...batter is better than the finished product. xoxoxo Happy week to you...I am off for a bit but will visit when I get back.xoxoxo