Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real fruit smoothies.

Sometimes my mom can be a funny lady. Like when she takes her daughters out to lunch and says, "I am treating you girls to lunch today but I will not pay for any diet coke drinks."

My sister Spring and I really like our diet coke. So sometimes we don't order one, but sometimes we still do. And sometimes our mom will just go ahead and pay for it (well, if my dad also happens to be there), and sometimes she really won't and we have to come up with the $1.50 ourselves.

This last time my sisters and I were visiting our parents in New York, we decided that we just wouldn't ever drink diet coke in front of our mom since she really, REALLY isn't happy about that. And we do get that it is the harmful affects of the aspartame in the diet coke that just makes our mom CrAzY when she thinks about how much of that we put into our bodies.

It was probably about 4 days into the trip. Spring and I were a little antsy about wanting a diet coke. Mom and Dad had another obligation that morning so we girls were out and about on our own ... the first stop we made was to the drive-thru at McDonald's. (Sorry mom.)

I opened my straw and it was bright pink.

You might have thought that I had a winning scratch off ticket or something by the way I reacted. I got a little excited about how cute that was! I'm like, "You guys! Have you ever seen a pink straw like this in Utah? This is so cool! I am totally going to blog about it!"

Then we got back to Utah and they had gotten pink straws too. Shoot. I guess it wasn't just a unique cool thing in New York then.

I wondered (to myself) Why would McDonald's change the color of their straws? These pink straws don't really go with their color scheme.

It wasn't until weeks later, after the pink straws had stopped coming with your order, that I decided it had probably been a promotion for their new smoothies.

Apparently I hadn't read what it said on the side of that straw wrapper ... silly, silly me.


  1. havn't cut back...I do appreciate your "thoughtfulness" mmmmmmmmmmm in making me think you had. Good for McDonalds...they have added one nutritious thing on their menu. Oh wait! Lets look at the ingredients. Everyone is getting on the bandwagon with "healthy alternatives"...but what's in them. Ask tomorrow "dovie" when you are in there...momma

  2. I put cranberry juice in my diet that makes it healthy! ;D Love the pink straw story!

  3. I put lemonade in mine...cause it gets rid of the diet aftertaste!(even if it's diet lemonade!) I love the pink straws! I heard those smoothies are great! You must drink them? Let me know when you find out what is in them for your mama! Hi sweet Sally Jo....I would still call you Sister Winebrenner....but, I love your cute name!!!!! xoxoox to you!!!!! =0)

  4. I have yet to try one of their new smoothies...but I have a coupon itching to get used in my purse. Buy one get one free...hope I get a pink straw!

  5. i totally had the same reaction when I got a pink straw for the first time! I was super excited. And then was super disappointed when they stopped! And oh man - those real fruit smoothies are so good! Almost worth ordering instead of diet coke. But not quite.

  6. had a a free coupon for one of those and sadly, let it expire. guess i'll have to pay. :( i do want to try one!

  7. I love fruit smoothies.....any fruit.