Thursday, September 9, 2010


I just love Sara Bareilles. She has one of my favorite voices of all time. And she writes quite a few songs just for me. I'm pretty sure of it. She knows my heart.

I think it was just last week that I heard she was coming to Salt Lake City and I meant to mention that to my daughter, McCall who loves her too. I totally forgot to mention that to her.

Then last night, when I was with McCall, she said, "Oh Mom, I got Sara Bareilles' new CD so while you're here I will burn you a copy." And I still forgot to mention it.

But as I was listening to Sara's new CD on my way home, I remembered that I forgot to tell her so I called her up - she didn't answer - so I left a message.

This morning, McCall called me up - I couldn't answer - so she left me a message.

(Tag. My turn.)

I emailed her at work and asked if she had heard that Sara Bareilles was coming to town. Her email back to me was the link to buy the tickets to the concert and all of the information about it. (McCall is like that, besides being thoughtful, she can also be more thorough than her mama. She is such a good daughter.)

I didn't really care what the tickets cost. The DJ on the radio had said that hearing her live was absolutely incredible, and I was SO going to go to this concert!

I clicked over and looked at Smithtix ... tickets were $20 now, $25 at the door - General Admission. Wow, that's a deal. Very cool. She's playing with two other artists at a small theater called the Avalon.

I bought two tickets. One for me and one for McCall. I'm a little excited. Maybe we'll get our picture with her ... pretty groovy if we do.


  1. i love when you say groovy! and i LOVE sara bareilles. soooo excited to go to her show! you know how sometimes you have to listen to a cd a few times before you like it? i liked her new one right away. i think i listened to it 13 times in a row at work today. never skipping a song. ha. ;)

  2. mccall gave me a copy of the cd today too and it's fabulous! concerts are so fun- especially with your mom! I went to 2 this summer with my mom at Red Butte Gardens and loved every minute! You guys will have a blast and have the memories to cherish forever!

  3. Oh I will have to give her a listen too. What a sweet mom you are. Happy weekend.

  4. Oh you will LOVE her in concert...I haven't heard her new CD...but, I love her, too!!! I didn't even know you did! We went to see James Blunt a couple of years ago in Hollywood at a tiny theater where you stand right on the floor by the stage for the entire concert! And she was the opening act....she sat at her piano tilting her head back and forth while she belted her songs....FANTASTIC!!!!! OH BOY...You two enjoy the show!!!!!xoxo =0)