Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little bit of culture.

When we first moved to Utah, we chose the South Mountain development because of all the amenities that were offered on the "master plan." One of them was an amphitheater. But sadly, the developers never finished the master plan and for 14 years, all that existed in the amphitheater arena was the seating ... a beautifully arranged, grassy tier of seats just waiting for its stage. Sigh.

Lots of fundraisers were held, lots of anticipation, but it has mostly served a few neighborhood runners who like to include stairs as part of their workout and for moms who wanted to exhaust their little ones before naptime by letting them run wild up and down those bleacher seats.

But this summer, all of those fundraising efforts for the Magic on the Mountain project paid off and the Draper City Amphitheater had its grand opening night with balloon banners waving to a packed house. It was a free concert performed by the Utah Symphony ... I feel a little more cultured just having it a few blocks away. And I do LoVe an outdoor venue!


  1. i remember going to play on those when you first moved here! gooo times!
    ps. i went to a cupcake shop here in logan yesterday and thought of you. i just la ya peeps

  2. What a great place! How nice that it finally opened.

  3. I'm a sucker for outdoor concerts! How fun to have one so close to you!

  4. finally! we should've gone! or did you go? i no know. next time for sure!

  5. Oh, I LOVE outdoor concerts...they seem so magical. They sound better, too...when you are sitting under the stars listening to your favorite songs! And those seats look very roomy...I am thinking picnic!!!! Oh Boy! Have fun there Polly!!!! WiSh I WaS CloSEr =/