Thursday, September 2, 2010

Backstreet Boys.

I am getting way too old to remember dates anymore or how long ago certain events were, like when it was that I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert. Maybe, oh, let's say 5 or 6 years ago ... maybe?

Chloe entered a karaoke contest on a whim. (Today is Chloe's 21st birthday. Happy birthday sweetie.) Radio Disney was part of a big Expo here at that time and were sponsoring the contest. But you had to sing a Backstreet Boys song. The winner got two tickets to the upcoming Backstreet Boys concert.

Well that little fearless girl actually won and she decided she would take her mom to the concert with her - kind of because I asked her to and also because I drove and she didn't.

I vividly remember the night of the concert though. We were pretty psyched because we knew we would have great seats since we got the tickets from Radio Disney and the radio stations are always "hooked up."

We pulled into the parking lot across the street from the Delta Center and giggled like school girls (well - one of us was a school girl, I suppose I was just acting like one) ... but we were SO excited!!!

At the entrance, we were pointed in the direction of section 122. We walked through our portal doors and handed the usher our tickets. She pointed us in the direction of our seats. The problem was - she pointed up. Wait ... what? Yup. Up.

WAY up. In fact, I think we were only a couple of rows from the very top.

REALLY Radio Disney?

The wind went out of our sails. (And that was unfortunate because I could have used the extra help of the wind as I climbed up and up and up toward our seats.) The arena holds 21,000 people for a concert in the round - to give you an idea of how high. And this concert was for a sold out crowd.

Biggest bummer.

But then, the concert started. And it was SO great. We danced, we laughed, we couldn't believe we were there. And then the best part of the night, was when a stage magically arose at our end of the arena ... that was pretty sweet.

It was definitely a fun memory and Chloe had a blast.

Fast forward 6 years. The Backstreet Boys reunited and went out on tour again. Last month they came to Salt Lake City.

See those two cute redheads in that picture up above? Those are my nieces, Taryn and Taylor. Those guys behind them ... the Backstreet Boys. Taryn and Taylor won tickets on the radio.

REALLY Radio Disney?


  1. What a cool kids loved the back street boys too but never went to an of their concerts...sounds like you all have a fun memory of it all :D

  2. I was so sad I missed that concert last month! I still remember going to see them in concert probably 10 years ago. It was the first concert I ever went to. I think I might have cried. And thought that Kevin was singing just for me.

  3. radio's never give good seats. i won kanye west tickets from 97.1 and they were aw-ful!

    i love this pic the most because i called shannon over to see it and she said. "hey!! that's my sister-in-law w/ your cousins. and they don't even know eachother!" what are the odds??

    lucky ducks!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Chloe!

    Lucky you...too bad about your seats. Sounds like you made the best of it...great photo! xoxoxo

  5. Happy B-day to your
    girl! And how ironic
    that RD treated your
    nieces to a concert,
    six years later! I
    loved reading about
    your summer memories
    on P&H; so sweet!
    I read the Glass Castle
    a few summers ago.
    I had to keep flipping
    to the pics of the
    parents and saying
    "REALLY???" I think
    life can be stranger
    than fiction....
    xx Suzanne

  6. Those 2 little red heads ARE so cute. Maybe the 3 of you could join the BSB fan club.....better chance at better seats the next time around! :)

  7. So cool that Chloe AND the twinner cousins won free tickets! But who are the Back Street Boys and what do they sing? jk Like I said before though, I wouldn't recognize Tom Hanks if he was sitting next to me.

  8. Did you know the girl, second from the right is my sister in law? :) I asked Cyndi (my sis in law) if she knew those girls and she said no- I guess they just put 4 people in the picture at a time to speed things along and it was a happy accident that they were there together! I told her that the twins were McCalls cousins! How funny!

  9. What a darling picture...and could the twins be any cuter??? NO!!! What fun! And concerts always seem to make for great memories!
    Happy belated birthday to Chloe!!!!! xoxoxo to you!