Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#6 - Good ice.


Yes, there really is a difference amongst ice. And who has the best ice in town depends upon who you're asking.

I used to be an ice chewer. Not just chewing the ice after my drink was gone, but filling a cup with ice just so I could chew it. (Ha ha ha ... that reminds of a time when I was sitting with a date and we were going to watch a movie. He looked at me and said, "Oh, that is going to need to stop during this movie.")

I know people say it's bad for your teeth, and others will say that it hurts their teeth, but I LOVED it. So I got in the habit of always requesting my drinks with extra ice. I got to know who goes ridiculously overboard when you request that (Einstein Bagels, Wendy's) so that you got about 2 sips of soda with your ice (stopped asking for extra there). And I came to know that even when you request extra ice at McDonald's they only put a tiny little scoop more in and it's not really like getting extra ice at all.

I also know that at certain gas stations different ice is in different vending machines. So I fill my cup up with ice at the one that has the better ice and then go to the machine next to it for my diet coke. And believe it or not, when I have mentioned to the person next to me as I am waiting that the one machine has better ice, often times they will agree. (I did say this was my list of 10 random things ... so maybe ice might be the most random thing to talk about.)

If you're from around here or know what Sonic is, that seems to be most everyone's favorite ice. They have the tiny little soft ice "pellets." And did you know that you can go to Sonic and buy bags of their ice for around $3.00? Great for punch bowls at parties. But their's is not my personal favorite.

My very favorite ice is when the cubes are clear and hard but are hollow on the inside. Yes?!?! Because they are crunchy but not so hard that you can't chew through it ... like at Wendy's - I don't like their ice at all.

I went to a party a couple of years ago and the hostess had my ideal ice in a bowl. I said, "Oh my gosh, this is the best ice ever! Where did you get it?"

"I know! I love this ice too! I found the perfect ice machine and I bought it!"

What? The perfect ice on demand? That's what I want for Mother's Day!


  1. i wish i could get you a perfect ice machine for mother's day! any clue where to go?

    sonic is my fave...but, even still, i don't chew ice.

  2. just gettin caught up, thanks for the shout-out on the handwriting peeps! ;) you're so sweet! and ever since our new york trip, where i learned from you about ice, i am such an ice chewer. {and i also got the i-have-to-have-dessert-after-dinner thing from you that trip as well. ha ha} la ya

  3. pebble ice peeps...pebble ice.
    and you can buy it at macys for cheaper than 3 bucks.

  4. i LOOOVE ice! at one point last year me, my mom and lauren would all just get a cup of crushed ice with a little water in it so it could get "soggy" and eat it all day. i love soggy ice!! haha. actually we learned if you are craving ice, you are anemic alot of the time. who knows?

  5. I, too, am an ice enthusiast...but you already know that. However, I'm not quite as picky about where it comes from. It just has to taste good!

  6. I am addicted to chewing on ice. I do it all day long! I should google if it really is bad for you because if it is I am in trouble!I used to be a sonic girl myself but I must admit, it is just too soft. I now am a lover of the ice at 7-11 on the corner of 123rd and 7th. Try it! It is the perfect size and hardness. Zupas has good ice too. How in the world do you get such good pictures every time?!?

  7. Okay...did you just do an ENTIRE POST ON ICE? You are the funniest! Actually...the best is getting great crushed ice in your coke...like at Maria's in Glendora...sometimes I want to eat there to have there drinks. I love it crushed! =0)