Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tiny dresses.


I am one of those people who tend to hang on to clothes that I love. Like the silk dress I wore to my 5 year high school reunion. And the one I wore to my 10 year reunion ... that one was really cool. I thought I was very vogue at the time. It was a jacket with really great shoulder pads and a skirt that ballooned at the bottom. You have probably seen skirts like that recently in the department stores. Don't they say styles cycle about every 20 years or so? That would be about right, give or take 10 years ... I am going to take the shoulder pads out of the jacket and start wearing it again. (Not really.)

When I graduated from high school my grandparents would give us kids $500 as a graduation gift. My mother was all about getting something that would last with that money instead of just letting it slip through our fingers on a bunch of nothingness. So my mom and I went shopping and she helped me pick out a really beautiful black velvet suit for $350.00. She said, "This is so classic, it will never go out of style. You can wear it for years to come."

Well ... it really was a classic suit. It even had a vest and bow tie too. It was more like a girl's tuxedo. I did wear it for the next several years. Maybe once a year. Was it worth $50.00 per wear? Um, probably not. But I really did love it and only recently decided it was time to retire it to the thrift store. (But I'm actually not 100% sure of that because it just might still be hanging in my closet. When I get home, I'm gonna check on that.)

The other $250 from my grandma and grandpa was spent on a really great record player/stereo for my dorm room. Now if I still had that item laying around ... a classic for sure.

So! Lest you get the idea (yes, I just used the word lest) that I am even the slightest bit of a hoarder, I will state for the record that I AM NOT. There are just some things that I can be a little sentimental about ... cute little dresses - absolutely!

Sophie has a spare closet in her room and it is filled to the brim with clothes that I thought were too darling to give away. And these little dresses are just a few of them. So when Libby was over the other day it dawned on me that the reason I was even saving any of them was in case my children wanted to use them for their own kids. (Most of them, not so much, unless it will be just to pacify me as their mother for having gone through the trouble of hanging on to them.)

So I gathered the ones that would fit her now, gave them a good overnight soak in Biz, and hung them to dry. It was so fun to see them all in a row in my laundry room.

I sent McCall home with some little soft white shoes that all of my girls wore too and she sent me a text message that said, "Libby has on a pair of those shoes for church and they are to die for!"

So see ... sometimes it works out!


  1. Now, one of your posts needs to be McCall's 1 yr. picture in that first little blue dress.....
    next to a picture of Libby in the same one.

  2. My girls had matching blue dresses just like that first one of yours hanging so pretty...I sweat it is the same dress. xoxox

  3. I hear ya mom...but we do so with such good reasons! Our hearts are tied to them. I have kept their home made quilts and recently gave them to them and they just loved them and are using them with their kids! Those are so should write a story or poem about them! Come say hi :D

  4. i'm looking forward to saturday when me and libby have a fashion show planned to try all those dresses on. ;) so cutie. let's take her pic in the blue one before she gets to big. (sobs)

  5. i love teeny things, and those dresses are sooo cutie! love it.
    ps. just read your post about gary. now I feel like i know him, and i love him already. what a sweet guy!

  6. Gotta love baby clothes! Especially the GIRL baby clothes! So stinkin' cute!

  7. I will never forget McCall in that first darling!