Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strawberry jello, fully loaded.


I LOVE strawberry jello! I like lots of other jellos too ... but strawberry is my fav.

I remember hearing once that all teenage boys like jello a lot, but I found that this is not really the case. When we have family functions (even with all the extended family too), there is always jello left over, especially if it has lots of stuff in it - like fruit. The plain jello, that gets eaten. But plain jello? I can pass that up ... that reminds me too much of school lunch, in elementary school (remember how thick and stiff and non descript that was?)

I also consider jello part of the meal - NOT dessert. So when I am taking the time to make a nice meal, I like to have jello. But my kids vote is "pass." What?

So last Sunday, when I was taking the time to make a nice meal, I really, really wanted some jello - strawberry with sugary store bought strawberries from a container and bananas in it. But since I would probably be the only one eating it, for the first time, I made a small box of jello, in a small bowl.

And I was the only one who ate any of it ... but I ate it ... and I loved it ... and it made me happy to have it.


  1. Yeah, I don't know where the green jello thing came from, it's not my fav..but i love red jello..strawberry with pretzels in the bottom and the layer of creme good! :D

  2. When ever red jello w/ banana's is served at Gramma Nelson's, everyone says "Oh, Kim must be coming, if we're having red jello with banana's....Gramma only makes it when Kim comes." It's Kim's favorite, and it's widely known, that Kim is Gramma's favorite. :)

  3. pretzels??? yuck! i sometimes like jello...but mostly pass. that DOES look like a yummy pictures though!

  4. Banana and strawberry sounds delicious! I'd love to try this meal! =)

  5. I add crushed pineapple to mine, too...just like in eighth grade home you still have the recipe/ cause it's the one I still use...IT WAS CALLED STRAWBERRY JELLO RING...I just don't make the topping! =0)