Thursday, May 13, 2010

Babies with babies.


My niece Lindsay had her third baby boy this week, an 8 lb. 9 oz. bundle named ...... actually, that is still undecided (maybe Liam, and I do love the name Liam). And I also know that I have already posted about this before, over here, but I will say it again, I absolutely adore newborn babies. Look at this face! And that peachy skin, and his little rosebud lips!!!! So precious.

I was so excited to see Libby's reaction to a baby smaller than she was ... hmmm, she didn't have much of one. When he started fussing a little bit it did get her attention focused in his direction though. I had McCall set her on Lindsay's bed so I could take their picture together. I said, "Give him a kiss Libby."

"Mom. She doesn't even know how to do that yet."

Oh, silly me, I guess she is only 8 months old herself ... nevermind then. She just seemed a lot bigger next to a freshly delivered one.

Congratulations Lindsay ... he is so beautiful!


  1. What beautiful little faces...melts my heart for sure! :D

  2. i thought she reacted! she was so cute just staring at him. and when she grabbed his blanket and just held on...cutie.

  3. McCall.... You are a stinkin' cute mama.... so sweet and tender to defend your precious little Libby's reaction to the new baby... you a cutie too!

    NEWBORNS.... My WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE I have LOVED them! Congrats to Lindsay on her new little bundle of joy! (Did you know it took the McKendricks two months to name one of their little boys!)

    P-Dove.... you and Leslie are so blessed to be grammies! I can not wait for my turn. Lucky for me I work in a newborn nursery so I can get a "newborn fix" while I wait for my real turn.

  4. My Bug, okay she did have a reaction, I guess I half expected her to lean over, kiss him, and point to his head like you did when I brought home our next little one!

    Del, yes you are very lucky to work in a newborn nursery and your grandbabies will be very lucky to have you as their grammie! It is so fabulous!

  5. He is soooooo cutie!!!!! So what did they decide on for a name? I still haven't gone to see him yet. LAME! I work toooo much! Love the post :)

  6. OH BOY~OH BOY~OH BOY....he is precious! I LOVE this photo and the two little faces so close...I hope you took more! They couldn't look any cuter or sweeter!!! Wow...Lindsay is on the same path I had...just one more to go Linds!!!!! I always wanted a girl...but, I DO LOVE MY BOYS!!! Boys are pretty awesome! CONGRATS! =0)