Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doggie Swim Day.

Saturday afternoon, there was a fundraising event at the local pool, and the guests of honor were dogs! I had heard about the "doggie swim" a while ago and wanted to be sure that I would remember to go - it was SO hilarious!

When I walked through the gates to the pool area (which was carefully guarded so there would be no escapees), I immediately thought of the Dr. Seuss Book, Go Dog Go! "Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs, black dogs, and white dogs are all at a dog party! What a dog party!" And party on they did!

The dogs who had the most fun were the bigger ones; labs and golden retrievers. The little ones would venture into the wading pool area, get their legs and underbellies wet, and then hover around their owners' legs.

There must have been 100 tennis balls in the pool. It was so cute too - the (bigger) dogs would leap into the water, grab a ball in their mouth, and paddle back to the edge, not quite sure what they were supposed to do then! Volunteers stood around the edges of the pool and gave their collars a good yank to bring them up out of the water. Then they'd shake like crazy, dousing anyone nearby ... and no one cared one bit.

One lady so desperately wanted her dog to go off the diving board, but he was not having it. She tried to lure him with a frisbee. She would back her way toward the front of the board holding the frisbee out in front of her, the dog edging his way along. As soon as he got that frisbee in his mouth, he would begin the game of tug-o-war with her ... she never won.

My friend Stacey had said, "Happier dogs you will never see," and she was right. It was so fun to watch them and every face around that pool had a big huge grin on it!

Post post: A friend of mine made the comment, "They would have to use a lot of chlorine after that." The city does it on the last day of the season and then drains the pool ... oh, that is good to know!!!!


  1. i love doggies! for SURE we're taking da coop next year.

  2. that is such a cute idea! i would have loved that because i LOOOOVE dogs!!