Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars.

Last night at around 7:15 my cell phone rang.  It was my friend Delanie.  I thought, Now why in the world is Delanie calling me when surely she knows I would be watching the Oscars.  I picked up the phone and said hello very slowly ...

Delanie said, "Oh shoot.  I bet you're watching the Oscars aren't you?  Sorry, I'll talk to you later."

She knows.  I love the Academy Awards.  And I usually thoroughly enjoy them too.  And even though the critics are NOT giving James Franco and Anne Hathaway very good reviews as last night's hosts, I liked them.  I thought she was adorable (and I don't even usually care for Anne Hathaway).  Her dresses were fabulous ( I even liked her tux) and so were all of her different hair styles.  Her hair stylist was pretty impressive - an updo, then into curled locks ... into a pony tail ... then into a side sweep ... then down and straightened.  (I'd totally hire her.)

I loved all of the musical numbers too (well, except Randy Newman even though I voted for that song to win at my friend Vicki's Oscar party - only because he's won for a Toy Story song before.  I figured my odds were good.  They were.)  And that Gwyneth ... she really does sing better live than most recording artists do. Just love her.)

I loved so many of the dresses this year too.  Jennifer Hudson?  I want what she's having.

I loved Celine singing during the "In Memorium" that they have each year too ... and then Halle Berry walking out to give tribute to Lena Horne.  Isn't Halle just one of the prettiest women EVER?  (Oh, and I LoVed Reese Witherspoon ... )

During the red carpet stuff, Vicki had invited us over for dinner.  She always puts on quite the spread for special occasions and her Oscar dinner was no exception.  Great food, great decor, great treats ... it made the night that much better - that and the fact that Elliott watched them with us too.  All the way to the end!  Love that boy.


  1. I have it taped..but, haven't watched it yet! But, from the clips I have seen, I totally agree about Anne Hathaway...see looked stunning! And had gorgeous outfits! And Reese was so pretty...I loved her hair like that! And Halle's dress was beyond gorgeous!!! But, I am for the winners...I fell asleep in The King's Speech..ZZZzzzz's. And I didn't like The Fighter's I didn't want the mom to win for supporting actress. I guess I never agree with the critic's picks! I learned that back when Chariots of Fire won for Best Picture. I thought that was another snoozer....and who wants to go spend SO MUCH MONEY for a nap I could have taken at home for free! But, Natalie Portman SURE deserved her award...what an odd disturbing role she had to play! And she mastered it! And...the Academy Awards themselves never disappoint!

  2. I watched was fun and I love Anne Hathaway! xoxoxo

  3. It was fun to watch wasn't it! How great to ghave a dinner party beforehand! Wouldn't it be fun to wear a gown to the dinner?! ( :
    Jennifer Hudson.... I also want that!
    Thanks for the support on my show! I had fun last night doing the show... I wasn't nervous! Can you believe that!
    LOVE the cherries in the snow! It may even inspire you to paint your fingers too! ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  4. I always adore the Oscars and the gowns! There is always a bit of controversy about favoites and no-no's. Which makes it all the more fun!

    I have an Artful Offering and great interview on my site.You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  5. love the oscars! i wish i could've stayed longer to watch them with you guys. i always enjoy your commentary. :)

  6. I liked Anne as well!

    I thought Jennifer Hudson looked fab, although when you loose that much weight, you need a boobie lift! That dress wasn't flattering to her chest area at all!

    And I'm obsessed with the "I see the Light" song that Mandy Moore and Zach Levi sang for Tangled!