Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being me.

I love this.  I have it hanging on my kitchen wall. When I first saw it, it reminded me of this blog ... completely.  I started blogging to help heal my heart ... beginning that day ... and to tell my story.

The part about taking the journey back to your self ... that has taken a while.  But I started to finally feel like myself again last week, and it feels really good.

Now if only I had the legs for skirts, I'd be all set!  ;)


  1. wear more skits. ha. i do think a cute skirt and boots is a favorite fashion of mine, though i don't ever wear it. :( maybe i'll start. how are your boots??

  2. This is beautiful my sweet friend....xoxoxo

    I am sure your legs are stunning.

  3. I LOVE it too! It is inspirational! But you don't want to see me in a skirt with these elephant ankles! So I will leave the skirts to you! & join you for the rest! :) Good night!

  4. good to hear...I LoVe that you are feeling better my friend!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. i love this polly!
    the words are very inspiring.
    i hope you are well and happy.

    have a beautiful weekend sweet polly!

  6. Polly, Thank you so much for your comment on Bringing Pretty Beauty Co.! I am so very excited! Can't wait til it's up and running! Hopefully will be in a few weeks!
    Have a pretty day!