Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special surprises.

You know, to be honest, a few weeks ago I was feeling a little sorry for myself.  Another Valentine's Day was approaching and I didn't have a special Valentine.  (Although, really, sometimes that isn't such a bad thing.)  But for some reason, this year, I was wishing that I did.  So I didn't have too much expectation for any kind of spoilage ... but I was pleasantly surprised when all kinds of things showed up for me yesterday!

Some incredibly cute and YUMMY cupcakes from a friend at church ...

Beautiful flowers, completely unexpected from this cute little bunch of love-bugs ....


And a box with favorite books from a friend in Cali, along with these lushish little gems - the likes of which I had never seen before!!!

WHAT?  Valentine's Juniormints?!?!?!?!   (Thanks Di.) 

You guys totally made my day!  LOVE YOU!!!!


  1. Heart shaped junior mints!!! Who knew! & those cupacakes! i can tell that I am really hungry because I didn't stare at the pretty flowers or the book...but the cupcakes....now I was staring at those babies :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!

  2. Yes. Love comes
    in many forms and
    from many special
    people....or pets!!
    So very glad that
    you felt loved on
    V-day, sweet friend.
    All of these tokens
    really say this: YOU
    are precious and YOU
    are loved : ) Wish
    I'd known about the
    Junior Mints ~ one of
    my favorites!!
    xx Suzanne

  3. oh my gosh! you told me diane sent a little treat but, you didn't say they were heart-shaped juniormints!! that's awesome! and i'm glad you liked your flowers. i almost spilled the beans on sunday...so i was happy it was left a surprise. love you.

  4. Aaahhhhh...Well, this just proves- when you give lots of love you receive lots of LOVE! :) I am so happy that you had a Lovely Day!

  5. Love is love where ever it comes from and it looks like you got covered with it! Wonderful...I didn't know about heart shaped Jr. Mints..love them! Glad you felt the love! ;D

  6. heart shaped junior mints!?!?!?! thats awesome!!! glad you got some love peeps. i sure do love ya!

  7. LOL...I had to get those Junior Mints for you as soon as I saw them...and only one store had them...(cause I kept on looking!) They were better than regular ones cause they were bigger..and filled with red, too! FUN...just like you my friend! Glad you liked them enough to post about them! They need to make lots of holiday shapes! Four-leafed clovers would be great...and is coming up...hint hint candy makers! Hhhmmnn....maybe we should make a suggestion? And you will LoVe that book! I actually wrote to Nora Roberts and asked for The Bride Series in movies! SO SUPER FUN!!!! Glad you had a happy V-day! I love you!

  8. P.S...I was extra excited you hadn't seen them before so they were a surprise! =0)