Friday, February 4, 2011


OH.MY.GOSH.  Seriously ... oh my gosh!  Jennifer Lopez TOTALLY cracked me up last night on American Idol.  I kept rewinding the TV over and over so I could watch her expressions again and again and I laughed every single time!!!!  I told Elliott to get his camera and that I wanted him to take pictures of the TV when I paused it so I could capture these expressions for my blog.  I LOVE her as a judge!!!!

I think America was getting a little tired of Paula Abdul ... okay, I won't speak for all of America, but I was getting a little tired of Paula.  I like her, but I was tired of her after nine years.  Enter Jennifer Lopez ....

I have always loved J-Lo anyway.  She is one of the most beautiful women to me.  I love her skin, her hair, her personality, her movies .... although last night's outfit (turtle neck and turbin???) will probably end up in the pages of the tabloids with the caption:  What was she thinking?  But she seems like a real sweetheart.

Randy?  I think that Randy is trying too hard to be the hard-knocks guy now that Simon is gone and it just isn't working for him.  Maybe they needed to just replace all of the judges at the same time - I don't know.

Steven Tyler?  I like him.  I didn't think I would, I never have before and by saying I like him certainly doesn't mean I condone his life choices or life style, but he seems like a sweetheart too.  He tries really hard not hurt people's feelings or be mean (I don't like mean people) and he can get really into a song which has got to make the auditioner feel pretty good.  I do think he wears WAY too much jewelry, but the guy has such incredible skin.  Come on.  His complexion is just beautiful ... it's flawless ... I wish I had it. 

(I actually do have his hair though.  Mine looks a lot like that if I don't do anything to it only he can get away with it - I don't think I could.  Although ... just today, I was talking with Sophie and said that maybe I should go with a bohemian look for awhile to save myself time getting ready.  Stop wearing make-up, start wearing loose funky clothes, stop doing my hair ... I could just let it air dry and pull the sides back.  What's funny is that whenever I tease her like that, about drastically changing my appearance, she has always said, "MOM, nooooo!!!  That isn't fair to us!"  This time, she actually said, "I do like your hair that way Mom."  And I might have considered really doing that, if I was about 10 years younger.  It sure would shave a lot of hours getting ready every day wouldn't it?)


  1. i feel the same way. love j-lo. like steven tyler. sick of randy. but, overall, LOVE american idol. oh, and i still love ryan!!! i think he makes the show.

  2. Drat, our Tivo wasn't
    working this week so
    I missed this {boo hoo}!!
    My hubby and I think
    the chemistry is much
    better this season....
    The judges treat the
    contestants and each
    other with much more
    kindness than we are
    used to seeing in the
    past and we LIKE it!
    J-Lo reminds me of a
    something else, and
    S.T. was a refreshing
    xx Suzanne

  3. Hello,

    Love watching American Idol. I do love the new panel. Love Jennifer Lopez.loved her in Selena. She is just beautiful. She was too nice in the first two weeks. It look like toruture for her to say NO to the contestants. Randy is being a little to negative at times but then Steve Tyler sometimes sets him straight. It's been fun watching. I think they had the best contestants from the state of Wisconsin.
    Can't wait till they start competing. Have a good weekend.

  4. Hello again,

    Sorry for my spelling mistakes. By the way I love the pictures displayed that way. I will have to figure that out.

  5. Oh she is soooo cute!!! I don't watch this show but I do love her...your images of her are adorable.

    Hugs for a great day my sweet friend. xoxoxxoxo

  6. It's going to be a great season...they have had some really good contestants. And they had tryouts in Tenn....did the girlies go? I NEVER have like J-Lo...but, I must say she has totally won me over, and I bet the same goes for lots of people. She is adorable and has such a darling personality. I never knew Steven, but he seems like such a sweetheart. I love it when the person leaves and he leans over to tell Randy he was too mean! lol Or when he sings or beats on the table with the singer! And I am glad Randy is still there...all new judges wouldn't have had a solid base. He is it. He is being a little meaner than usual...but, someone has to be....REALLY! And at least he doesn't look bored like Simon did! I think they added just enough newness to help the show without over-doing it! Looking forward to it! But, missing Casey! I was hoping he'd show up in Nashville!!! =( luck

  7. I so totally love this year of American Idol! It is fun, smart, and refreshed with this new cast of judges. Love J Lo!