Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February.

It's February and there just seems to be a change in the air for me.  (Literally, since it is only about 16 degrees out right now, but figuratively as well.)  I have a few new goals on the horizon and I'm looking forward to them.  And they actually have just the opposite to do with all these totally adorable, totally yummy looking treats ... all ideas from Martha Stewart (of course.) 

I had a really great, lazy, dazy weekend.  I had TONS of things that I wanted to accomplish, but sometimes the joy of having nothing on the schedule that you have to do, makes it okay to then change your plan and do a lot of nothing.  'Cause sometimes a lot of nothing is just what you need to do.  I watched a lot of TV and ate lots and LOTS of treats.  Saturday I was needing some chocolate and the only thing I had was chocolate chips, so I made some cookies.  Only half a batch, but they all got eaten up.  Elliott didn't think he got his fair share so I told him I would be happy to make some more the next day.  Which I did ... but that was after Sophie said she was in the mood for some cake.  I didn't happen to have a cake mix on hand though, so she and I walked over to the Brown's house (who are the go to peeps when you need anything food wise that you don't have).  And they did ... quite an assortment of choices too.

Sophie picked out the fun-fetti cake mix and I made some buttercream frosting.  And even though I didn't have quite enough powdered sugar to get it to the consistancy I like ... it tasted pretty good and we managed to eat just about all of that cake (after we had shared some with the Brown's).  And then I made the cookies.  And even though I didn't have enough butter (doing a lot of nothing on the weekend meant that the grocery shopping didn't get done), we improvised and they turned out pretty darn good - one of my best batches in fact.

And then, on Monday, on my way to work, I called Spring and we compared notes as to who had eaten more that weekend.  And we told each other "TODAY is the DAY."  (Have you had weekends like that and then resolve to make the following Monday THE DAY?)  McCall and I also decided that we wanted to run the half marathon at Disneyland this September.  (If you were wondering if McCall and I run, we don't.  But I guess we better start, huh, if we committ to a half marathon!)

My sister, Leslie just went to "market" in Dallas, as a buyer, because she manages an little emporium shop within a big (fabulous) store here in Utah.  She was talking about how cute all the women are that she was going to be going with.  She mentioned that one of them was a runner.  And then she said, "She is a runner and I am an eater.  That's what I really enjoy doing."  And we laughed, because all of us sisters LOVE to eat.  It is so fun, such a part of any social activity and we really enjoy food, especially treats, way too much. 

And then there is our brother, who sometimes forgets to eat during the course of his work day.  (Who forgets to eat???)   He will come home from work and say he is starving, and I will think, Then why in the world wouldn't he have gone to a drive-thru and eaten?  Because (obviously) that is what I would have done do.

So starting to exercise is one of my goals and getting in a healthier state is another.  I visited with an herbalist today so she could advise me on what to take to get my well being to a state of ... well ... well being!  I told her that I had a big weakness for sugar and I was feeling the physical affects of my overdosing lately.  She said that sugar is a mineral and that my body was lacking in minerals so it was craving the sugar.  And then said that once I got those up to the levels I needed, I probably wouldn't crave the sugar so much.

I think that's wishful thinking ...


  1. So does that mean you need to make another batch of cookies?! LOL I never get over wanting sweets..but I do walk 4 miles everyday so I guess maybe it balances our?! I sure hope so. Good luck with the half marathon, I bet you can do it! :D

  2. good for you running a marathon! i hate running but need more exercise too, here is to being healthy!


  3. oh my gosh peeps.. im laughing so hard right now. cause i can picture having this conversation with MY sisters in about 20 years. i guess it was passed on ;) minus the fact that MY brothers would NOT be like drew bob. i dont think either of them would ever forget to eat ;)
    i just love ya! thanks for making me smile today!

  4. yay half-marathon! you'll have to tell me how your herbalist meeting went today. love ya! and your cookies!

  5. hey peeps! it was so fun catching up on all your new posts. i too share the same love for treaties and first kisses. (but mostly treaties. do you think its genetic?) love ya.

  6. Good for you! I need to get in the "take better care of myself" mode. I won't be running any marathons though. Haha!

  7. Yahooo for you my friend...those images have me very excited...hugs and love to you for a great new month...you inspire me. xoxoxo

  8. You two in a Half-Marathon! YOU GO GIRLS!!! I will come and gladly hand you water and cool rags to wipe your brow! I have never been a runner...I think I have underdeveloped lungs from growing up in smoggy So Cal...so they burn when I run!!! But...I will support you guys in your goal 100%

  9. Ok! I have NEVER in my entire life made a half a batch of cookies!
    And a half a marathon... never done that "half" either. hahahah!
    What an amazing goal for you guys!
    I am clearly VERY low in the sugar -mineral department!
    YES! TODAY is the day!
    Have a pretty day !

  10. I had YOUR week
    last week, too!
    Trying to better
    NOURISH my body
    this week.....
    Concentrate on
    those foods that
    I SHOULD be taking
    in instead of focusing
    on those to avoid.
    That said, I always
    have some chocolate
    every day. Even my
    doctor recommends it!
    Good luck and get
    nourishing, girlie : )!!
    xx Suzanne

  11. happy to have found you... amazing to be raising your children alone... truly you are blessed...

    i would love the recipe for those delicious looking chocolate ice cream hearts.... wow...

    xx pam

  12. i am a eater too!
    i adore your sweet images polly ...can i just say that I HEART SUGAR!
    i heart your lovely blog too.
    have a beautiful weekend!