Thursday, January 27, 2011

LP sightings.

I CRACKED up when I saw this license plate ... and not just because it says "too many kids!"  Notice the license plate frame too.  Kind of like this one:

I named my second "princess" Haley because I LOVED the movie Pollyanna, and I love Hayley Mills in Pollyanna.  But I was laying in my hospital bed, having just given birth, and had no idea how the actress spelled her name.  And since that was long before laptops and google and wikipedia, I took a guess.  I was mistaken. 

I have seen Haley spelled SO many different ways since then too.  With a Y, with an I, with a double E, etc.  I really did want to spell it the same way Hayley Mills did, but it's okay.  I like Haley spelled with an h-a-l-e-y too.

When I told my Haley (a.k.a. Hee) that I saw this plate at the DMV she said, "Can you get it for me?!?!?!?" 

"No sweetie.  It was in the parking lot of the DMV.  It is taken."  But if my Haley did have this plate, she would  NEVER allow it to be this dirty - she is pretty particular about her car.

And speaking of my Hee, she wants this one too ...  (I think it belongs to the owner of The Sweet Tooth Fairy.)

Last Friday night, McCall (a.k.a. Bug) and I were going to meet at a McDonald's and then drive together to the movies.  I was sitting at a light and just as it turned green, I noticed that the car in the lane next to mine had the lisence plate:  BUGSCAR.  Now surely you must have gathered by now that I was absolutely going to want a picture of that one.  So doing my best not to be a tail gater, I followed that car and just snapped away through my windshield.  They had to have wondered what the heck was going on in the car behind them.  (I should probably get a dash-cam installed if I am going to continue my license plate stalking, don't you think?)

The car got off at the next off ramp ... so did I.  Not to follow them though, I really did need to get off too, but this is the best shot I could get.  I think they were trying to get away from me or something.   ;)

Oh, and speaking of McDonald's ....

"I'm lovin' it."


  1. oh my gosh mom! you are the queen LP spotter. such good ones this time! we neeeed to think of a good one for you. how can you possibly have a generic plate?? how 'bout a...a...a one woman! "A1WOMAN" perfect!!!

  2. Hello,

    I don't know how you find them. I never see these fun LP's. I was going through some etsy shops and found this one and thought of you. Check it out
    recycledartco. License plate art work.
    Thank you for posting. I would love to see your plate rack.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I love these...I am going to start paying closer attention!

    Happy new week to you my sweet friend. xoxo

  4. What a cute post! How in the world did you ever find so many LPs that pertain to you like that? Enjoyed your post very much.
    Patricia :o)

  5. That is so cute that you found the BUGSCAR with your Bug in the car with you....HILARIOUS!!! But, I do hope one of you was driving~while the other was taking the pictures??? Right?

  6. Very cute! I'll be on the lookout for the ones you posted.

    Have a great day!


  7. I want a vanity plate so badly! I can nOT believe you do not have one!!!! YOU NEED ONE!
    How can I shoerten up Bringing Pretty Back and it still make sense?? hmm.
    Have a pretty day!
    p.s. - I can not wait to hear your story! Get writin' girl!